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SPEAKING Nguyen Nhan Thien Nguyen Hong Oanh PORTFOLIO.

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1 SPEAKING Nguyen Nhan Thien Nguyen Hong Oanh PORTFOLIO

2 MENU Some ways for making and replying requests Some ways for making complaints Many exercises to help students understand more about the way to make requests or complaints Some free practices for making requests or complaints


4 INTRODUCTION: What influences our choice of an expression to make a request? How difficult, unpleasant and urgent the task is; Who you are and who you are talking to.

5 SOME USEFUL AND BASIC WAYS Requests Can / Could you give me …? Could I have … please? Could I speak to …? Would you like to …? Would you mind waiting a moment? Responses Agree: - Yes, of course. - Yes, certainly Disagree: - No, I cant wait. - No, not at all.

6 PRACTICE Practice the conversation with your partner (see p.98) Make similar exchanges with a partner who acts as a postal clerk. Work in pairs and do the following task. Treat your partner as an acquaintance. Ask him / her to lend you something. For example: Umbrella bicycle new comics Pen dictionary hat

7 FREE PRACTICE: You (A) are at the post office and want to send your stamps collection to your friend in England as her birthday present. Ask the postal clerk (B) to help you. You (A) start the conversation.

8 ELICITING A Greet the clerk. Tell him / her that you want to send a birthday present to your friend in England. Tell him / her that you want to use the express delivery. Ask the clerk how long it takes the present to arrive England. Do what he / she tell you. Ask him / her about the fee. Thank him / her. B Greet your customer politely. Ask him / her politely what you can help her. Ask him / her what kind of delivery he / she want to send his / her present. (normal delivery or express delivery) Answer him / her properly. (may be 24 hours or so). Tell him / her to fill in the form. (you decide which form) Respond him / her properly. Reply to his / her bye. Thank him / her.

9 (

10 MAKING COMPLAINTS English 11 Unit 7

11 A direct complaint in English often sounds rude. To be polite we usually break it gently a due expressions like these before we actually come to the point: I wonder if you could help me … Look, Im sorry to trouble you, but … Ive got a bit of a problem here, you see … Im sorry to have to say this, but …

12 WHEN YOU ARE WRONG You may need to apologize profusely, like this: Oh, dear, Im most awfully sorry. Im so sorry, I dont realize. I cant tell you how sorry I am. Im so sorry. Well … I just dont know what to say. It wont happen again. Im afraid were not responsible for … Is it enough just to say Sorry?

13 Practice: AB 1. My steak is undercooked. a. Sorry, Ill turn it off in a second. I just need to finish reading this chapter. 2. You didnt cut my hair short enough last time in the back. b. Im really sorry about that, Joe. I didnt think you mind. You let me borrow it once before, remember? 3. I wish youd asked me before you borrowed my jacket. I wanted to wear it last night, but I couldnt find it. c. Sure. I forgot you dont like salt. Ill remember next time. 4. Carl, do you mind turning off the overhead light? Ive got a big day tomorrow and I really need to get some sleep. d. Oh, no? Well. Ill definitely make sure I get it right this time. 5. Joyce, there seems to be little too much salt in the meat. Would you mind not salting it before you cook it next time? e. Im very sorry, sir. Ill bring you another one right away. Handling Complaints: Match each response in B with a complaint in A. The first one has been done for you

14 FREE PRACTICE Now work in pairs and practice with your partner. What do you say in the following situation? 1.The order you have received was damaged during delivery. 2.The delivery of your mail is late. 3.The repair service for your telephone line is not fast enough. Work in groups of three. Think of a situation in which the postal delivery is made to the wrong address. One of you will play the role of the sender whose birthday present was sent to the wrong address. One of you is the wrong receiver. One is the postal clerk.


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