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Allied and Axis Strategy and War in the European Theater.

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1 Allied and Axis Strategy and War in the European Theater

2 Bell Ringer What is Isolationism? What does “cash and carry” basis mean? How did President Roosevelt address the nation after Pearl Harbor?

3 Time line Activity Create a time line using the events on your worksheet Add the US embargo on steel and oil to the event list Use your book and notes to help you Provide a brief description of each event on the time line Be creative!

4 1931- Japan invades Manchuria 1935- Neutrality Act (against all belligerent nations) 1935- Italy invades Ethiopia 1936- Germany invades the Rhineland 1938- Munich Agreement 1939 – Nonaggression Act 1939- Germany invades Poland 1939- Neutrality Act (Cash and Carry basis) 1940- US embargo on oil and steel 1940- Hitler over runs France 1940- Battle of Britain 1941- Lend Lease Act 1941- Pearl Harbor 1941- US enter WWII

5 Major Conflicts in the European Theater Battle of the Atlantic Battle of Stalingrad Battle of El Alamein Operation Torch

6 Allied Strategy European Theater “Defeat Hitler First” Germany viewed as a direct threat American military resources targeted for Europe

7 Allied Strategy Pacific Theater Island Hopping Moved closer to Japan by hopping from island to island Cut off Japanese supplies through submarine warfare Set up military bases for air attacks on Japan

8 Island Hopping

9 Axis Strategy in European Theater Defeat the Soviet Union quickly and control their oil fields Force Britain out of war through bombing campaigns and submarine warfare US cannot be allowed to change momentum

10 Axis Strategy in Pacific Theater Japan plans to invade Indonesia and Australia Hoped American would accept Japanese dominance rather than fight a bloody and costly war

11 Following Pearl Harbor US joins the war Allied Power  Great Britain  United States  Soviet Union Axis Powers  Germany  Italy  Japan

12 Battle of Atlantic Goal: Prevent food and war materials from reaching Great Britain 681 Allied ship sunk in seven months of 1942 by German submarines Allied Counter: Use of convoys with destroyers battle ships and airplanes using sonar and radar to cut down Production of “liberty ships” outnumbered their sinking

13 Battle of Stalingrad August 1942: Luftwaffe nightly air raids September 1942: Germany control 90% of city Winter 1943 Opportunity for massive counter attack Soviet tanks and forces surround the city starving the Germans out atch?v=IcOmdw82M40

14 Result of Battle of Stalingrad Germany surrender in February 1943 1,100,000 Soviets causalities Prevents Germany from control of Soviet oil fields Turning point in European Theater

15 Battle of El Alamein German forces threaten to seize Egypt and Suez Canal November 1942 Germany forces are defeated Result: Prevented Hitler from gaining oil supplies from Middle East watch?v=xrsRo_P7Zyw

16 Operation Torch American General Dwight D. Eisenhower vs. General Erwin Rommel Goal: Improve naval control of Mediterranean Axis surrender in May 1943


18 Spring 1943 Tide turns in favor of the Allies Allies regain control Allies mount their own offensive and march towards Germany begins

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