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WWII- End of the War in North Africa and Europe

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1 WWII- End of the War in North Africa and Europe

2 Drill: What does the cartoon tell you about Hitler’s plans after he fails to take Britain?

3 Japan invades China US Embargo of Japanese Oil Germany uses Blitzkrieg in Poland, and takes Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg US starts the Draft France & GB sign Munich Pact- Appeasement Policy towards Germany France falls to the Germans. 1938 1939 1940 Non- Aggression Pact- Soviet Union and Germany US Lend- Lease Act Hitler takes Austria and Czechoslova kia Battle of Britain- First loss for Germany. Britain holds on, but barely. France & GB declare war on Germany US Neutrality Act- “cash and carry”

4 WWII ALLIES: AXIS: Great Britain France Soviet Union US China Germany
Italy Japan

5 Nazis in N. Africa Feb. 1941 Hitler hoped to cut off the Allies supply of oil coming from the Middle East. Nazis Afrika Korps, led by Erwin Rommel- although under equipped was successful until the US entered the war.

6 War on Russia June 1941 Hitler breaks the Non-Aggression Pact with Stalin Germany invades Soviet Union Blitzkrieg overwhelmed poorly trained Soviet Army. As Soviets retreat they burn everything of use so the Nazis have no resources. Soviet Union joins the Allies (US, Great Britain, and France)


8 Europe 1942

9 Allied Strategies -Stalin pressured US and GB to open a second front in France. -Churchill wanted the US and GB to begin fighting in Africa. -FDR decided on Africa because the Germans were not as strong there. -Stalin never forgave the US because it left the Soviets to fight on their own in Europe.


11 North Africa Campaign, 1942 -After some early trouble the U.S. takes over N. Africa, they move to Italy.


13 Battle for ITALY (1942-43) -U.S. lands in Sicily and takes the island.
-Allies moved into the mainland and met little resistance. -Mussolini is removed from power. And escapes to N. Italy. -American forces continue north through Italy, but meet heavy resistance from the German Army. - Tuskegee Airman proved their ability at the Battle of Anzio

14 Rome falls, so does Mussolini
-Mussolini is captured attempting to flee into Germany, he was put on trial, found guilty and shot.


16 Battle of Stalingrad Clip
As you watch think about -Why would Stalin want the US to fight Germany on a second front?

17 Stalingrad (Aug Jan 1943) -Soviets held off Nazis until the Winter of when the battle took place in the city streets of Stalingrad -The Russian winter along with Stalin's unwillingness to surrender the city of Stalingrad led to the German's losing. -German soldiers were freezing and starving



20 Effects of war on industrial cities

21 Allies Air War -Bombing was used to destroy the enemy's war making ability. -US favored precision bombing- bombing specific targets -British favor saturation bombing- the rapid release of many bombs in one area -Resulted in many civilian casualties

22 2nd Allied Front- France
-U.S. and G.B. organize an invasion from the West. -Organized by General Dwight Eisenhower

23 D-Day: Normandy Beach -JUNE 6, 1944 -Invasion leaves from England
-Enters Axis territory at Normandy Beach in France -Allies suffer huge casualties -Invasion finally complete by July over 2 million Allied soldiers landed in France.



26 Battle of the Bulge Dec. 1944 WAR IS OVER
-Last major battle of WWII: Belgium -Hitler attempts to stage one last offensive, Germans surprised Americans creating a “bulge” in the Allied line -Americans from the south of France arrive to stop the Germans. -Over 100,000 Germans killed- they were unable to wage war after this battle

27 V-E Day -Despite 18 million Soviet Civilian & Military deaths the Russians took Berlin in April 1945 -Hitler Commits suicide April 20th 1945 -May 8, 1945 celebrate V-E Day, victory in Europe -FDR passes away in April 12, 1945 and Harry S. Truman becomes president -22nd Amendment: limits president's terms to two.

28 Next up: War in the Pacific

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