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Chapter 17.  Hitler’s conquest continues Denmark Norway.

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1 Chapter 17

2  Hitler’s conquest continues Denmark Norway

3  Dunkirk Germany traps French and British soldiers on beach Required makeshift rescue effort to save troops  Germans march into France in 1940 Give French terms for surrender  Germans controlled government in northern France

4  Germans eye Britain in 1940 Luftwaffe begins to bomb them Wanted to control skies by destroying Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF)  German planes pounded Britain for months

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6 US Enters the War!!!!

7  Roosevelt reaches out to Churchill following Pearl Harbor Decided to strike against Hitler first Would concentrate on the Pacific following Europe

8  Hitler ordered submarine raids against ships on American east coast Prevent movement of food and war materials Destroyed 681  Allies organized cargo ships in convoys Accompanied by planes that used sonar

9  Allies could destroy German ships faster than Germans could build them  U.S. launched shipbuilding program 140 ships produced a month

10  Germans and Soviets fighting since 1941 Wanted to take Soviet oil fields Wanted to take Stalingrad  Germans bombed Stalingrad in 1942 Caused massive destruction

11  Germans invaded Took control of 9/10 of city  Winter set in Soviets used opportunity to refresh equipment and build counter-attack Closed in city  Hitler ordered troops to keep fighting Wanted to completely destroy city Did not send reinforcement

12  Soviets defeated run-down and freezing German army  Soviets lost 1,100,000 troops in battle More than total U.S. fatalities for war

13  Stalin pressured Britain and America to open a second front  Operation Torch Invasion of Axis-controlled North Africa Allies not ready to invade Europe yet Dwight Eisenhower led invasion

14  Allie troops landed in North Africa Casablanca Oran Algiers  Moved eastward Pushed the Axis Afrika Korps back  Afrika Korps surrendered May 1943

15  Roosevelt and Churchill met in Casablanca Agreed to only accept unconditional Axis surrender Decided to attack Italy before Germany

16  Allies took Sicily in 1943 Italians forced Mussolini to resign Ended war for Italians  Hitler determined to stop Allies in Italy “Bloody Anzio” fought 40 miles from Rome Resistance from Germans

17  June 6, 1944 Allied troops invaded beaches of northern France Brutal resistance from Germans  Allies held beachheads Gained 80-mile strip of France in 7 days Massive amounts of troops and supplies  Allies free France in 1944

18  Hitler mounts last ditch offensive Wanted to split British and American forces and break up supply lines  Germans pushed 60 miles into Allied territory Battle lasted a month  Allies prevailed Ended any hope of Germans winning war

19  Allies stormed into Berlin  Hitler commits suicide  A week later, the Allies accepted the unconditional surrender of Germany World celebrated V-E (Victory in Europe) Day

20  FDR died of a stroke on April 12, 1945  He was replaced by Vice President Harry S. Truman Truman oversaw the end of the war in the Pacific


22 U-Boats


24 Dunkirk


26 Stalingrad


28 Beachheads

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