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World War II War in Europe.

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1 World War II War in Europe

2 Allied Strategy Allies (Great Britain, United States, and Soviet Union) “Defeat Hitler First” strategy Most American military forces were targeted for Europe

3 Axis Strategy Germany hoped to defeat the Soviet Union quickly and gain control of Soviet oil fields Hoped to force Britain out of the war through a bombing campaign and submarine warfare Do all of this before America’s industrial strength could turn the tide

4 World War II in Europe September 3, 1939 – Great Britain and France declared war on Germany April 1940 – Hitler conquered Denmark and Norway May 1940 – Hitler conquered Netherlands and Belgium

5 Map of Hitler’s Invasion of Europe

6 World War II in Europe June 1940 – France fell to Germany
Hitler's invasion of France

7 August 12, 1940 – Battle of Britain Began
Bombing of England London Blitz (57 nights) Germany ended the bombing in June 1941 Bombing of Britain

8 London Blitz

9 June 1941 – Operation Barbarossa
Germany’s invasion of Russia to gain more land (living space) and natural resources

10 Stalingrad Hundreds of thousands of German soldiers were killed or captured in a months-long siege of the Russian city of Stalingrad This defeat prevented Germany from seizing the Soviet oil fields and turned the tide against Germany in the East Battle of Stalingrad

11 1942 – El Alamein German forces threaten to seize Egypt and the Suez Canal were defeated by the British. This defeat prevented Hitler from gaining access to Middle Eastern oil supplies and potentially attacking the Soviet Union from the South

12 June 6, 1944 – D-Day Allied invasion of France Led by Eisenhower
Liberation of Western Europe from Hitler began D-Day Invasion

13 D Day

14 D Day

15 D Day

16 December 1944 Battle of the Bulge  Germany's last attempt to defeat the allies Slowed the Allied advance Hitler's last success Opened way to allied invasion of Germany

17 May 7, 1945 – V-E Day V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day)  Germany surrendered

18 V-E Day

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