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WWII in the Pacific 1941 - 1945 11 SLIDES.

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1 WWII in the Pacific 11 SLIDES

2 Battleship Row at Pearl Harbor 1941
Japan Expands Japan wanted to expand into Indonesia and Indochina for raw materials & conquest Needed to “neutralize” the U.S. navy Tojo decided to attack the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor Battleship Row at Pearl Harbor 1941

3 Japanese Expansion US loses Wake, Guam and Philippines

4 The loss of Corregidor in Philippines was the worst

5 The Bataan Death March

6 Allied Strategy in the Pacific
1) Try to stop Japanese expansion while the Allies build up their military Battles of Coral Sea and Midway stop Japanese expansion south and east. First time aircraft carriers used in war The Pacific War was a naval war!

7 Battle of Midway stopped eastward expansion
Australia and Hawaii became the main Allied bases in the Pacific Battle of Coral Sea stopped southern expansion

8 General Douglas MacArthur was the Allied commander in the Pacific

9 Strategy Part II Allies decide to “island hop” to get to Japan instead of invading all of the Pacific islands Land on strategic islands and cut off all Japanese held islands behind it

10 Major Pacific Battles 1) Guadalcanal – Aug 1942 – 1st time U.S. encounters Japanese – shows that fighting will be very tough - Japanese soldier would fight to the death – The Bushido Code 2) Iwo Jima – Feb – 1st time Allies fight on Japanese soil – fighting gets tougher – place of the famous photo 3) Okinawa – April 1945 – Japanese main island – Kamikaze planes start suicide attacks on U.S. ships

11 The End of WWII President Harry Truman decides to drop the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima Aug. 6, 1945 and Nagasaki Aug. 9, 1945 (130,000+ killed)

12 Japan surrenders - Sept. 2, 1945 VJ Day – War is Over!
Japanese surrender aboard U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay

13 Japanese Atrocities will lead to war crimes trials
Starving American POWs Beheading an American POW Forced slave labor in the hot sun THE END!

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