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War in the Pacific Japanese conquests American Strategy The Atom Bomb.

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1 War in the Pacific Japanese conquests American Strategy The Atom Bomb

2 Active Defense The attack at Pearl Harbor missed American subs, aircraft carriers Our first goal: defeat Hitler –Hold the line in the Pacific March 42: Japan captured the Philippines –Douglas MacArthur ordered to retreat »Thousands left behind; forced on death march to Bataan

3 Pacific Battles Doolittle raids –First air raids over Tokyo, other cities Morale boosters Battle of Coral Sea –Stopped Japans drive toward Australia –Battle between two aircraft carriers Battle of Midway- Turning Point in the Pacific –Code breakers revealed Midway island as site of next attack –US caught Japanese air craft carriers with planes still on decks- Japans fleet so badly hit that US begins offensive:

4 Island Hopping Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands) –Bloody 6 months battle Battle of Leyte Gulf: Philippines liberated Iwo Jima: volcanic island, close enough to serve as bomber base for final invasion on Japan 6,000 marines died Okinawa: fighting so fierce, 7,000 US died, 110,000 Japanese –Fear: if this is how they defend the outer islands, how will they defend Japan? Estimated dead: US 1 million, England: 500,000

5 Atom Bomb Manhattan Project –Tested Alamagordo, NM July, 1945 Truman decided to use it to save American lives –Aug 6, 1945 Bomber Enola Gay dropped the first bomb over Hiroshima –Japan hesitated on unconditional surrender and relinquishing emperor Aug 9, second bomb dropped on Nagasaki –By 1946, estimated 200,000 died from bombs, radiation –Emperor ordered military to surrender Sep 2, surrender: to Douglas MacArthur on SS Missouri in Tokyo Bay

6 Rebuilding Yalta Conference: Feb, 1945 –FDR, Churchill, Stalin discuss post war Europe Stalin wanted to divide Germany Churchill disagreed FDR gave in to Stalin to get him to agree to help defeat Japan 90 days after Germanys defeat And FDR wanted Stalin to join the new United Nations –Stalin agreed and promised free elections in Poland and E. Europe

7 Nuremberg Trials 24 Nazi leaders put on trial for Crimes against Humanity –All said they were just following orders 12 sentenced to death Most others prison 200 more tried over time

8 Japanese Occupation 7 yrs, under MacArthur 1100 put on trial Some sentenced to death; incl. P.M. Hideki Tojo Free market economy introduced Called for new Constitution, suffrage for women, basic freedoms, free elections.

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