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Urban vs Rural living spaces

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1 Urban vs Rural living spaces

2 Home learning Research: Retirement migration
Why would people from the UK retire to Spain? Due next lesson!

3 Think about the type of place you would like to live…
What would it look like? What services would be there? Would you like a shop on your doorstep? Or to be so inaccessible, no one could access you? Would you like a view? A vegetable patch? A flat overlooking the city skyline? A place with low crime rates? Religious centres nearby? Be near all your friends? Have good transport links? Be on a beach, in the countryside, in the suburbs or city centre? What would be most important to you and your family now?

4 It is now 2027. You are 30, married with children
It is now You are 30, married with children. Has your ideal place changed?

5 Time has flown by. It is 2067. You are 70 years old
Time has flown by. It is You are 70 years old. Why do you want now?

6 Why? What? Where? When? Who?

7 Learning Objectives All will compare rural and urban living spaces
Most will understand the rural-urban migration movement. Some will learn the re-urbanisation of areas.

8 Rural idyll Rural idyll is an image people have of rural life in developed countries. In 5 words or terms, describe your vision of rural life in the UK? Ext: How does it differ from urban?

9 Why would you leave this area?

10 Who would you live here? Why?


12 Rural places are becoming more popular in MEDC..
In pairs; Discuss why this is the case for MEDC’s but not LEDC’s …

13 Meet George..He has lived in the village of Leire Leicestershire all his life.
‘Life in Liere has changed. More people have moved into the area.’ How do you think it has changed as people have moved in ? Counter – Urbanisation is when people move from the city/town to the countryside

14 Problems with rural migration:
Houses prices increase. Increase in poverty. Towns population fluctuates greatly, hard on businesses as there is no permanent population. Post offices and pubs closing down.

15 Why would people want to leave here? What type of country is this?

16 Where would they want to move too?

17 Explain why people in LEDC countries want to move to the cities
Remember to include: Economic, Social, Political and Environmental factors This is called rural-urban migration. Another term used is Urbanisation.

18 What are the realities??


20 Class task Write a piece (can be a letter, a script, an ariticle or an advertisement etc) on why people should move to the urban/rural areas in a developing country. Complete this task in pairs and then swap information to fill in your sheets.


22 Describe the conditions people live in
Why do they live like this?

23 Comparing urban and rural living spaces.
Developed Countries Can you fill in any of the blanks? Developing Countries

24 High densities of people. Good public transport.
Urban Rural Developed Countries High densities of people. Good public transport. High numbers of shops and services e.g. education and healthcare. High-speed broadband access. Fewer shops and services. Lower density of transport. Higher levels of car ownership. Quieter. Developing Countries Very high densities of people. Significant proportion of urban poor. May live in illegal settlements. Formal and informal employment. Very poor public transport. Many people employed in public. Poverty is common. Disease and poor educational facilities. Limited or no services e.g. phone, electricity.

25 Re-urbanisation What do you think this word means?
Re-urbanisation is the movement back to cities by people. These people tend to be either young (25-35) or retired (60 +). Fill in the info from page 179 on to your sheet.

26 Exam Questions 1) Explain why the population of some inner city areas has risen in recent years.(3) 2) Explain why the quality of living spaces in some rural areas is under increasing pressure. (4) Now peer assess!

27 Plenary Where would you advise a newcomer to the UK to live? Why?

28 Begin your homework!

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