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Discussion What do you know about Adolf Hitler and Nazism?

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1 Discussion What do you know about Adolf Hitler and Nazism?

2 Fascism Rises in Europe
Fascism is loyalty to the state and obedience to its leader Pushed for extreme nationalism Peaceful states needed to be conquered Fascist wore uniforms of certain colors, used special salutes and held mass rallies Unlike communism, they believed that classes had place in society Fascist were nationalists, communists were internationalists

3 Mussolini Takes Control of Italy
Italy not getting territory in the 1919 Paris Peace Conference and high unemployment, Italy sees social unrest Italy wanted a leader to take action Local newspapers and politicians wanted Benito Mussolini Founded Fascist Party in 1919

4 Mussolini Publicly criticized the Italian govt.
Fascist wearing black shirts attacked Communists & Socialists on the streets Got support from middle class, the aristocracy and industrial leaders October 1922, 30,000 Fascists marched on Rome demanding that Mussolini take control Mussolini becomes il Duce’s

5 Mussolini Abolished democracy and outlawed all other political parties
Government censors Allied with industrialists and large landowners to control the economy Never had total control like Stalin did in Russia or Hitler in Germany

6 Hitler Rises to Power Hitler volunteered in the German Army during WWI
Won the Iron Cross twice for bravery Hitler was a high school drop out Hitler was very close to his mother His grandfather suspected of being Jewish He was rejected from Art School

7 Hitler’s Artwork

8 Hitler’s Artwork


10 Hitler’s Artwork

11 Hitler Rises to Power After WWI, he joined a right wing political group National Socialists German Workers Party (Nazi) He set up a private militia (storm troopers or Brown Shirts) His success as organizer and speaker led him to be chosen der Fuhrer Plots to seize power of Germany

12 Swastika

13 Hitler Rises to Power Hitler is arrested for his plot
While in prison Hitler writes the book Mein Kampf Sets the goals and beliefs for Germany Germans as the master race Jews, Slavs, & Gypsies were inferior Declared Germany was overcrowded & needs more space

14 Hitler Rises to Power To gain space, he promises Germany that he will conquer Eastern Europe and Russia In 1924 he revives the Nazi Party after leaving prison Most Germans did not like him After the Great Depression started and U.S. money stop, Germans turned to Hitler

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