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France= 8.4 Million Troops

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1 France= 8.4 Million Troops
Great Brit= 8.9 Million Trps Russia= 12 million Troops Italy= 5 Million troops America= 4.7 Million troops Germany= 11 million Trps Austria-H= 7.8 Million Ottoman Empire= 3 million

2 Factors that led to WWII
NOV. 11th 1918 Central Power collapse and the allies win. WWI comes to an end Representatives from 32 different countries met in the Palace of Versailles in France. And created the Versailles Treaty which officially ended WWI The three most powerful leaders made most of the decisions. Wilson from the USA, Clemenceau of France and Lloyd George of Great Britain. Germany had no Representation at the peace conference

3 Treaty of Versailles The French wanted revenge on Germany because most of the battles took place in France President Wilson wanted lasting peace so they wouldn't need to go to War again. President Wilson’s 14 points A plan for keeping global peace Goals of the 14 points Fair Treatment of Germany at the Treaty of Versailles Eliminate secret Alliance Self-Determination for all new countries Self-Determination People decide what type of Government they wanted Creation of a “League of Nations” was designed to negotiate disagreements between countries and avoid future wars.

4 Terms of the Treaty Territory loses
Germany had to give Alcace-Lorain to France All of Germany’s overseas colonies were confiscated and given to Britain and France Military Restrictions Size limit of 100,000 men Germany prohibited from building offensive war machines like tanks, submarines, cannons Border with France “Rhineland” must remain Demilitarized

5 Versailles Fall Out! WWI left many of the European Countries Bankrupt
The most insulting part of the VT was how the blame of WWI was placed Germany must claim sole Responsibility for War Germany Must pay 33 Billion Dollars in Reparations over 30 years to Britain and France WWI left many of the European Countries Bankrupt Because the nations of Europe had borrowed huge amounts of $$ to pay for the running a 4 year war

6 Consequences of the Treaty
Germany paid for the war by simply printing more money, instead of raising taxes. 33 billion in War reparations paid by simply printing more money. Value of German Money fell German Economy was hit by Hyperinflation 1914 (4Marks=1$) by 1923 (4.2 Trillion Marks=1$) German Citizens need more and more $$ to pay for simple goods By 1923 a loaf of Bread cost 200 Billion Marks

7 Rise of Fascism in Europe
After WWI and the economic depression that followed, people in Germany and Italy looked for strong leadership thus Fascism take hold. Fascism- political movement that emphasized loyalty and obedience to the state and the leader Fascist leaders promised to revive the economy…punish those who were responsible for the depression…and restore national pride. Benito Mussolini IL Duce “The Leader”

8 Italian Fascism Benito Mussolini
Newspaper editor founded the Italian fascist party in 1919. Not much popularity early But as economy got bad citizens turned to him for leadership Italian Democratic gov. seemed Helpless He promised to revive the economy and rebuild the Italian military Needed a scapegoat for the economic crisis Blamed the communist and socialists Black shirts spread propaganda about the communists…would attack them in the streets 1922 Mussolini and black shirts march into Rome and demand power. Mussolini seized power legally

9 Nazism 1919 WWI veteran Adolph Hitler joins small right wing political organization “NAZI Party” Nazi’s main goals are to… Destroy communists Overturn the “unfair” treaty of Versailles Nazi Party adopts swastika as it symbol Form a small paramilitary group known as Brown Shirts or Storm troopers

10 Hitler Hitler was such a great charismatic speaker that the Nazi party appointed him “der fuhrer” (The Leader) Tried to take over the German government in Munich in 1923, but fails “Beer Hall Putsch” Was arrested for failed coup While in jail wrote “Mein Kampf” which translates to “My Struggle” In his book he claims that Germans are the master race And blames all the post WWI problems on Jews and other “inferior Races” (Scapegoat)

11 Similarities Both Mussolini and Hitler remained relatively small time players until the Great Depression hit in 1929 Hitler was appointed Chancellor in 1933, again both Hitler and Mussolini came to power legally. After taking power Hitler had his opponents either arrested or killed, by his secret police known as the Brown Shirts This shocked the rest of Germany into obedience

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