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II. Fascism in Europe.

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1 II. Fascism in Europe

2 A. Rise of Mussolini Italy was upset that they did not gain more land after WWI Also had high inflation and high unemployment Wanted a leader who could take action

3 Benito Mussolini Promised to rescue Italy’s economy and strengthen its army

4 B. Mussolini Takes Control
Creates Fascist Party in 1919 Fascism – Political movement that promotes nationalism, denies individual rights, and has dictators Believes that rights and wrongs do not exist 1922 – King Emmanuel III puts Mussolini in power Came to power legally

5 Mussolini and Hitler

6 “Pact of Steel”

7 Il Duce – Takes this title – “The leader”
Mussolini abolished democracy Outlaws other political parties Put all opponents in jail

8 C. Rise of Hitler Weimar Republic – Democratic government established after WWI Faced major problems 1 Germany lacks democratic tradition 2 Germans blamed it for signing Treaty of Versailles 3 Germany is hit hardest by depression

9 Picture of Hitler During World War I

10 Adolf Hitler

11 Born in Austria Applies to Imperial Art Academy Rejected for his lack of talent Twice awarded the Iron Cross for bravery in WWI

12 1920 – Hitler joins the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI)
Der Fuhrer – “The leader” Beer Hall Putsh (1923) – Hitler tries to take power by force

13 D. Mein Kampf Hitler is sent to prison Writes Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
Main points become the blue print for the Nazi Party

14 Mein Kampf

15 Main Points 1 – Aryans – Were a master race
Social Darwinism – “Survival of the fittest” Hitler used these beliefs to argue that inferior people needed to be eliminated because he claimed that they were polluting the superior race 2 – Vowed to overturn the Treaty of Versailles 3 – Lebensraum – Wanted to provide Germans with greater “living space” 4 – Wanted to eliminate Jews from German life

16 Most people ignored the book and few people read it
E. Results of Mein Kampf Most people ignored the book and few people read it

17 F. Hitler Becomes Chancellor
1932 – Nazi Party becomes the largest political party Weimar Republic believed that they could control Hitler 1933 – President Paul von Hindenburg named Hitler Chancellor Hitler also came legally to power


19 Primary Source – April 8, 1933 “I can say with pride, comrades of the SA and SS, that if the whole German people now was possessed of the spirit which is in us and in you, then Germany would be indestructible. Even without arms, Germany would represent an unheard-of strength through this inner will tempered like steel.” -Adolf Hitler


21 Nazi Rally

22 Hitler Youth

23 G. Hitler is Supreme Enabling Act (1934) – Makes Hitler’s word the law
Banned other political parties SS – Killed many who oppose Hitler 1936 – Unemployment in Germany dropped from 6 to 1.5 million



26 World War II - American Cartoon

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