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The Colonies Unite Chapter 8.

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1 The Colonies Unite Chapter 8

2 Fighting for Control Chapter 8 Lesson 1

3 Conflicting Claims The Ohio River Valley was claimed by both the British and the French France sent soldiers to the Valley to build forts Britain saw this as an act of war and decided to fight back

4 The French and Indian War Begins
Alliance: French vs. British Colonial leaders met in Albany, New York in 1754 Discussed how to deal with the French French and Indian war began in 1754 at Fort Necessity

5 The War Expands War ended in 1763 Treaty of Paris gave Britain:
most of Canada all French lands east of the Mississippi Spanish Florida France lost nearly all of its lands in North America

6 More Troubles Proclamation of 1763
King’s law telling the colonists that all land west of the Appalachian Mountains belonged to the Native Americans Colonists could not settle on those lands Most colonists ignored the proclamation and were angry the King was blocking their settlement on western lands

7 More Troubles Britain passed tax laws so the colonists could help pay for the war Sugar Act Tax on imports of sugar and molasses Colonists were angry about having to pay taxes

8 Colonists Speak Out Chapter 8 Lesson 2

9 The Stamp Act When It was a tax on paper products
1765 It was a tax on paper products Colonists were angry and proclaimed “No taxation without representation” No one was speaking or acting for them in Parliament

10 Colonists Work Together
Colonists wanted Britain to remove the Stamp Act Groups formed to work against the tax Sons of Liberty & Daughters of Liberty Due to their efforts, Parliament repealed or took the Stamp Act back

11 Colonists Work Together
Committees of Correspondence Helped spread information more quickly through the colonies They asked people to protest the British taxes and policies

12 The Townshend Acts When Taxes on imports
1767 Taxes on imports Colonists boycotted British goods In response Parliament Took back all taxes except Tea Act Sent troops to the colonies

13 The Boston Massacre Who: Boston colonists & British soldiers
What: Angry colonists started a fight with British soldiers and 5 colonists were killed Where: Boston, Massachusetts When: March 5, 1770 Why: Colonists were angry about the taxes and the British troops being in the colonies

14 Disagreements Grow Chapter 8 Lesson 3

15 The Boston Tea Party Who: Sons of Liberty
What: Boarded British tea ships and threw 342 chests of tea overboard Where: Boston Harbor When: December 16, 1773 Why: Protesting the Tea Act

16 The Coercive Acts When:
March 1774 New laws from Parliament to punish the colonists British blockade of Boston Harbor Massachusetts legislature could not meet Colonists forced to quarter or house and feed British soldiers These laws united the colonists against Britain

17 The First Continental Congress
First meeting September 1774 in Philadelphia Who Colonial Leaders What they did: Sent a petition to the King Voted to stop trading with Britain Asked colonies to form militias

18 Lexington and Concord Who: Massachusetts Militia & British Army
What: Fighting broke out between the Minutemen and British soldiers. The American Revolution had begun Where: Lexington and Concord Massachusetts When: April 1775 Why: British were planning to arrest leaders of the Sons of Liberty and were looking to take the colonists weapons in Concord

19 The Road to War Chapter 8 Lesson 4

20 Second Continental Congress
When: May 10, 1775 Where: Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia Actions: Formed Continental Army Chose George Washington as Commander in Chief Asked each colony to give money to support army Printed its own paper money called Continentals

21 The Battle of Bunker Hill
When: June 17, 1775 Battle actually took place at Breed’s Hill Colonial commanders: Israel Putnam William Prescott Outcome: Continentals ran out of ammunition and the British won but suffered many loses

22 Trying for Peace When: July 5, 1775 Events:
Sent the Olive Branch petition to the King The King responded and said he would crush their rebellion

23 Declaring Independence
Chapter 8 Lesson 5

24 Moving Toward Independence
Pamphlet: Common Sense By: Thomas Paine Motivated and inspired people to call for independence from Britain Richard Henry Lee wanted a resolution or written statement of independence

25 Declaration of Independence
Preamble Told why the declaration was needed Part 2 describes colonists main ideas about government Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Part 3 Longest part listed colonists complaints against Britain Part 4 Declared the colonies independence from Britain

26 Congress Approves Declaration
Accepted on July 4, 1776 Signed by all members of Continental Congress Declaration has inspired people around the world to work for freedom and equal rights

27 Forming a New Government
John Dickinson committee head Created the Articles of Confederation National legislature called Confederation Congress Weakness: most power belonged to the states and the national government was limited in what it could do

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