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The American Revolution

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1 The American Revolution
Unit 2 Lesson 3

2 Tensions Grow The colonists grew more and more upset with the British government. Wanted to settle where they pleased Proclamation Line of 1763 “No taxation without representation”

3 Taxes and Tea Parliament (lawmaking body of the British government) passed the Stamp Act in 1765. Placed a tax on paper goods in the colonies Eventually glass, paint, and tea also taxed Many colonists chose not to buy taxed goods. Wrote angry letters to Parliament Parliament sent more soldiers to the colonies

4 Taxes and Tea Colonists did not want the soldiers in their cities.
Fights began to break out. Boston Massacre March 1770 British soldiers fired on an angry crowd in Boston. 5 colonists died.

5 Taxes and Tea Boston Tea Party December 1773
Bostonians dressed as Native Americans and boarded tea ships in the Boston Harbor. They dumped all the British tea into the harbor. Liberty's Kids The Boston Tea Party

6 A War for Liberty Parliament acted quickly to punish the colonists after the Boston Tea Party. Laws were passed that closed Boston’s harbor. Colonists were ordered to feed and house the British soldiers in the colonies. Many colonists began to call for independence The freedom to govern themselves Philadelphia 1774  First Continental Congress Meeting of colonial leaders Congress asked the colonies to stop trading with Britain & told colonies to prepare their militias (volunteer armies) for British attack.

7 The Revolution Begins April 1775  more than 700 British soldiers marched from Boston to take weapons and ammunition that the colonists had collected When the British soldiers and colonists met at Lexington, shots rang out. This battle marked the start of the American Revolution. revolution  a sudden, complete change of government

8 The Revolution Begins July 4, 1776  Congress issued the Declaration of Independence Describes the colonists’ ideas about government & listed reasons for seeking independence 1777  Articles of Confederation First plan of government for the United States of America, drafted by congress

9 The Revolutionary War Liberty's Kids The American Revolution

10 Fighting in Ohio Most battles were fought in the eastern United States. Some were fought in the Ohio Valley region. To defend the area, American soldiers built Fort Laurens near what is now Bolivar.

11 Fort Laurens

12 Fighting in Ohio The British urged Native Americans to attack settlers in the Ohio Valley. Led to many conflicts By 1781, the United States had won the Revolutionary War. In 1783, the British and Americans signed the second Treaty of Paris. The British gave up much of their land in North America to the Americans.

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