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1 Portland Community College
Exercise 7 Axial Skeleton Portland Community College BI 231

2 Bone Landmarks All bones possess distinctive landmarks that are designed for specific functions. Review table 7.1

3 Axial Skeleton Skull Spine Thoracic Cage Hyoid bone

4 Supraorbital ridge Frontal Bone Frontal Bone Frontal Bone

5 Frontal Bone Frontal Sinus

6 Parietal Bone Parietal Bone

7 Parietal Bone Parietal Bone

8 Temporal Bone Temporal Bone

9 Temporal Bone External Acoustic Meatus Zygomatic Arch Mastoid Process
Mandibular fossa Styloid Process

10 Temporal Bone Carotid Canal Jugular Foramen

11 Temporal Bone Temporal Bone Temporal Bone

12 Occipital Bone Occipital Condyles Foramen Magnum External occipital

13 Nuchal lines

14 Occipital Bone

15 Coronal Suture Between the Parietal bones and the Frontal Bone
Temporal Bone Occipital Bone

16 Squamous Suture Between the Parietal bone and the Temporal Bone
Frontal Bone Between the Parietal bone and the Temporal Bone Temporal Bone Occipital Bone

17 Sagittal Suture Between the Right and Left Parietal bones Occipital
Frontal Bone

18 Lambdoid Suture Between the Parietal bones and the Occipital Bone
Frontal Bone Between the Parietal bones and the Occipital Bone Temporal Bone Occipital Bone

19 Cranium Floor Anterior Cranial Fossa Middle Cranial Fossa
Posterior Cranial Fossa

20 Sphenoid Bone Lesser Wing Greater Wing Sella Turcica Foramen lacerum
Foramen rotundum Foramen ovale Foramen spinosum

21 Sphenoid Bone Hypophyseal Fossa Dorsum Sella Petrous ridge
Internal acoustic canal

22 Sphenoid Bone Sphenoidal Sinus Pterygoid Process

23 Sphenoid Bone Lesser Wing Greater Wing Pterygoid Process
Lateral Pterygoid Plate Medial Pterygoid Plate

24 Ethmoid Bone Crista Galli Perpendicular Plate

25 Ethmoid Bone Middle Nasal Conchae Perpendicular Plate

26 Ethmoid Bone Cristae Galli Cribriform Plate Perpendicular Plate

27 Facial Bones Middle Nasal Conchae (Ethmoid) Inferior Nasal Conchae
Perpendicular Plate (Ethmoid) Vomer

28 Facial Bones

29 Zygomatic Bone Temporal Process Zygomatic Arch

30 Maxilla Hard Palate Infraorbital foramen Alveolar processes

31 Palatine Bone Vomer

32 Mandible Ramus Angle Body Coronoid Process Mandibular Condyle
Alveolar Process Ramus Angle Mental Foramen Body

33 Mandible Mandibular Foramen Mylohyoid Line

34 Orbit

35 Openings Foramen rotundum Foramen lacerum Foramen ovale
Jugular foramen Internal acoustic canal Hypoglossal canal

36 Sinuses Ethmoid Air Cells Frontal Sphenoidal Maxillary

37 Fetal Skull Superior View

38 Fetal Skull

39 Wormian (Sutural) Bones
Small islands of bone that fill gaps in sutures. Present in varying amounts

40 Cervical Spine 7 Vertebra C1-C7 Concave Posterior

41 Thoracic Spine 12 Vertebra T1-T12 Convex Posterior Attach to the ribs

42 Lumbar Spine 5 Vertebra L1-L5 Concave Posterior

43 Sacral Spine 5 Fused Vertebra “Sacrum”

44 Coccyx 4 Fused Vertebra

45 Sacrum 5 Fused Vertebrae

46 Sacrum Sacral Foramina

47 Sacrum Sacral Promontory

48 Typical structure of vertebra

49 Intervertebral Foraminae

50 Intervertebral Disk

51 Annulus Fibrosus (Fibrocartilage)

52 Nucleus Pulposus

53 Cervical Vertebrae (C3-C7)
Vertebral Foramen BODY

54 Cervical Vertebrae (C3-C7)
Transverse Processes Transverse Foramen

55 Cervical Vertebrae C1: Atlas
Superior Articular Facet

56 Cervical Vertebrae C2: Axis
Odontoid Process (Dens)

57 Cervical Vertebrae C1 & C2 Joined Together

58 Cervical Vertebrae (C3-C7)
Bifid Spinous Process

59 Cervical Vertebrae (C3-C7)
Superior Articular Process Superior Articular Facet

60 Cervical Vertebrae (C3-C7)
Vertebral Arch

61 Thoracic Vertebrae Spinous Process

62 Thoracic Vertebrae Costal Facets on the Transverse Process (for rib attachment)

63 Lumbar Vertebrae BODY

64 Sacroiliac Joints

65 Coccyx 4 Rudimentary Vertebrae

66 Hyoid Bone Greater Horn Lesser Horn BODY

67 Sternum Manubrium Sternal Angle Body Xiphoid Process

68 Ribs 1-7: True Ribs

69 Ribs 8-10: False Ribs

70 Ribs 11 & 12: Floating Ribs

71 Costovertebral Angle

72 Ribs

73 Ribs Attached to Thoracic Vertebrae

74 The End The End

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