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T HE G REAT S CHISM By: Michele Prodans and Karika Sethi.

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1 T HE G REAT S CHISM By: Michele Prodans and Karika Sethi

2 B RIEF O VERVIEW The great schism is the rift that formed in the church in eleventh century A.D. 2 papal courts 2 main papal cities Rome Avignon

3 B ACKGROUND 1378-1417 3 rival popes wanted papal authority Papacy- the succession or line of popes European government existing problems : Black Plague 100 Year War

4 C AUSES Filioque controversy- “controversy in the church in relation to the Holy Spirit” Religious Crises - distrust of the church… Resulted in arguments of pope

5 A VIGNON P APACY Clement V. left Lyon to be head church leader of Rome Too many political rivalries- he stopped in Avignon He ended up establishing his papacy in 1309

6 R OMAN P APACY Gregory XI re-established papal headquarters in Rome.. died in 1378 Mobs and cardinals wanted an Italian pope Rome elects an Italian pope- Pope Urban VI

7 T HE STORY 1408- cardinals abandoned their popes Council of Pisa was created Came to a agreement- election on Alexander V The Roman and Avignon popes didn’t step down Left with three popes

8 THE IMPACT ON THEIR WORLD After years of problems, the papacy remained ruined and incomplete More “worldly” led to development of the modern Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches

9 R EASONS WHY IT E NDED THE M IDDLE A GES Split of the papal church never healed Church less spiritual, more secular Lead to raids and chaos

10 Q UESTIONS What caused the Great Schism? a) Black Plague b) 100 Year War c) filioque contraversy d) all of the above Which of the following did not happen? a) german papacy b) split in papal church c) avignon papacy d) Roman papacy Which of the following was not a competing pope? a) Alexander V b) Urban VI c) Gregory XI d) Clement V C C A

11 W ORKS C ITED m one-pope-two-pope-red-pope-blue-pope/

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