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Warm Up What makes an effective leader?. HITLER IN GERMANY Lecture 38.

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1 Warm Up What makes an effective leader?


3 CRISIS IN POST WAR GERMANY Political Crisis Economic Crisis Weimar Republic Democratic government set up after WWI Problem: Germans blamed Weimar Gov. for the Treaty of Versailles  Losing  War Guilt  Reparations Germans blamed economic problems  on Weimar Gov. Inflation sustained rise in the level of prices Germany did not raise taxes during WWI like other countries Printed more money Reparations Germans owe Allied Powers $33 billion Great Depression Unemployment = 35% (6 mil) Anxiety









12 Hitler’s Youth Born April 20, 1889 in Austria Whipped daily by his father Did poorly in school To get back at father, dropped out in 9 th grade Wanted to be a painter Denied entry into art school Fought in WWI Temporarily blinded by gas Decorated twice for bravery Infuriated by German defeat Entered politics to return glory to his nation

13 INTRO TO HITLER Many turn to Adolf Hitler Leader of the Nationalist Socialist Party (Nazis) Hates the Weimar Republic In 1923, Hitler tries to seize power in Munich FAILS - jailed for 5 years Writes Mein Kampf (My Struggles) Book of Nazi goals and ideas

14 HITLER’S IDEAS Germans are superior Aryans (light-skinned Europeans) are “master race” Jews are enemies of Germany responsible for all of Germany’s problem Treaty of Versailles is wrong Germany must regain the lands taken from them Germany must expand – needs “living space”

15 HITLER’S RISE TO POWER Hitler runs for President of Germany - 1933 Narrowly loses Hitler appointed Chancellor 1934 – President dies Hitler becomes Fuhrer (dictator) of Germany

16 HITLER AS DICTATOR Hitler turns Germany into Totalitarian State All other political parties banned Secret police (Gestapo) use terror & violence Executes those Hitler felt were disloyal No free speech Critics terrorized into silence

17 THE MASTER RACE Hitler Youth Schools taught Nazi racial ideas P.E. programs to prepare boys for war Women Expected to produce “pure-blooded Aryan” children Lack of equality and rights Purifying German Culture Non-German art, music & literature banned

18 THIRD REICH Hitler wants to build a new Germany Third Reich – 3 rd empire German master race would dominate Europe Treaty of Versailles Ignored Ends reparation payments Rebuilds the military and air force Begins making weapons

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