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Fascism Rises in Europe

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1 Fascism Rises in Europe
Section 15.3

2 Fascism’s Rise in Italy
-Italians were bitter about the results of World War 1 -Rising inflation and unemployment also contributed to widespread social unrest -Italians blamed these problems on their democratic government -Wanted a strong leader who would take action

3 Mussolini takes control
-Benito Mussolini boldly promised to rescue Italy by reviving its economy and providing strong leadership -As conditions worsened, he gained popularity -King Emmanuel III decided putting Mussolini in charge was best Why did Mussolini gain popularity? What was the result of his popularity?

4 Mussolini changes Italy’s government
-Mussolini adopts the nickname Il Duce (the leader) -He outlaws democracy and all parties except the Fascists -Never achieved the total control experienced by Stalin or Hitler What was the effect of Mussolini taking control of the government?

5 The Rise of the Nazis in Germany
-Hitler joined a tiny political group called the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi for short) -Adopted the swastika as the party symbol -After noticing Hitler’s skills as a speaker and political organizer, the party chose Hitler to be their leader -Hitler plans to lead the Nazis in seizing power Why did the party choose Hitler to be their leader? What is the effect of Hitler becoming leaders of the Nazis?

6 Hitler is sentenced to prison
-The Nazi plan to seize power fails -Hitler is sent to prison for treason -Hitler writes Mein Kampf, which outlines his goals for Germany -Calls the Treaty of Versailles an outrage -Declares that all “non-Aryans” (Jews, Slavs, Gypsies) were inferior -Believed that Germany should take over other countries -Hitler was released from prison after 9 months Why was Hitler put in prison? What was an effect of Hitler’s prison sentence?

7 Hitler Becomes Chancellor
-The Nazi party becomes the largest political party in Germany by Hitler promises strong leadership and relief from economic problems -President Paul von Hindenburg names Hitler chancellor -Hitler uses his position to eventually take control of the entire country -He turns Germany into a totalitarian state Why does the President name Hitler chancellor? What affect does this appointment have?

8 The Fuhrer is Supreme -As leader Hitler adopts the nickname The Fuhrer (leader) -Mistrusts any non-Nazi ideas -Seeks to control all press, radio, literature, painting etc. by turning them into tools for propaganda -Burns all books that do not conform to Nazi beliefs in huge bonfires. Why did Hitler burn books? What effect would this have?

9 Hitler Makes War on Jews
-Anti-Semitism (Hatred of Jews) was a key part of Nazi ideology -Nazis used Jews as a scapegoat for all of Germany’s problems -Widespread hatred of Jews spread throughout Germany -The Nazis passed laws depriving Jews of most rights -Hatred of Jews increased Why did the Nazis pass laws that deprived Jews of their rights? What effect did these laws have?

10 Kristallnacht -In 1938, Nazi mobs attacked Jews in their homes and destroyed Jewish buildings. This attack was called Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) -Signaled the beginning of the process of eliminating Jews from Germany

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