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Keyworkers Make it Possible. Thank you for being a CFC Keyworker.

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1 Keyworkers Make it Possible

2 Thank you for being a CFC Keyworker

3 About the CFC: Established by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 World’s largest fundraising campaign In 2013, our region raised $51 million for charities Nationwide, the CFC has raised more than $7 billion for charity over the past 52 years

4 NIH CFC leadership Department of Health and Human Services Lead Agency: Administration for Children and Families Joel Sackett, HHS Campaign Manager Dr. Collins, NIH Director and Campaign Co-Chair Dr. Briggs, NCCAM Director and Campaign Co-Chair Wendy Liffers, NCCAM Executive Officer and NIH Campaign Manager NIH Steering Committee

5 Goals Last year’s achievement2014 Goal DHHS$5.3 million$5 million NIH$2.4 million$2.2 million Why have goals? 1.Benchmark 2.Motivation

6 1.Tell you contacts about the campaign and ask them to participate 2.Accept paper pledge forms from your contacts and submit them to your IC CFC Deputy Coordinator note: most online donations are paperless 3.Thank everyone for considering participating in the CFC Primary responsibilities

7 Campaign timeline October- Receive your supplies and list of people to contact - Pass out Campaign Cards and introduce yourself as the Keyworker - NIH CFC Kickoff, Wednesday, October 8, 11 to 1, in front of Building One November- Follow up with each of your contacts - Continue momentum within your IC with messages, signs, events,... December- The final “ask” - R&W Drawing deadline is December 15 January- Continue accepting contributions

8 Get ready Learn about the campaign Look at the pledge form, the CFC options at MyPay, and the options at Visit Make sure you know who you are responsible for contacting

9 Campaign Cards Second Touch Cards Paper Pledge Forms Pledge Form Carriers CFCNCA Posters Printed Catalog Keyworker supplies

10 100% ask—not 100% participation Explain that donors pick the charities they want to support Explain it is easy to give Let your co-workers know that you are there to answer their questions Follow up with all your contacts 100% ask

11 Federal regulations & ethics Do not: Require 100% participation Coerce fellow employees Suggest donation amounts or charities to support Develop a list of contributors OR non-contributors (You may keep a list of those you have contacted and those you have not)

12 Previously, donors could only give to national/international charities, or approved charities in their specific CFC region This year, CFCNCA donors will be able to give to any CFC approved charity in any region in the country The printed catalog only lists local capital-area charities plus national and international charities The online options list all 20,000+ charities Universal giving

13 How do I make the “ask”?

14 Giving options Option for federal employees Online through MyPay Paper pledge form Available to everyone Available to everyone Paper pledge form Option at


16 Step 1: Click on the CFC link

17 Step 2: Select “Add New Contribution.”

18 Step 3: Enter the per- Pay Period deduction amount Step 4: Click Save

19 Step 4: Search for charities by: 1.Code, 2.Name, 3.Category, or 4.Advanced Search.

20 Step 5: This screen will populate after selecting the charities.

21 Federal Department / Agency and Office. Please enter your office location or code provided by your campaign worker : Enter your IC’s Reporting Unit Number here

22 Step 6: Verify that your information is correct. If so, select “yes.” Your Reporting Unit Number will show up here.


24 CFC payroll pledge = 26 pay periods First deduction for the 2014 CFC will be effective: pay period beginning January 11, 2015 and ending January 24, 2015, with payday on January 30, 2015 Remind your contacts to check their pay stubs to ensure their CFC pledge is accurate About payroll deduction pledges

25 Notes on myPay You can select up to 30 charities in myPay (29 if there are “undesignated” funds remaining) Employees must enter address Donors will receive an receipt for their myPay pledge

26 Challenges with myPay 1.There is no ability to start a pledge and save it for later. myPay times out after 20 minutes. Incomplete pledges will be lost and donors will need to start again. 2.Once a pledge is completed the donor cannot re-open the myPay pledge to make changes. All changes have to be made through your IC’s benefits/payroll liaison found at 3.The following charities are participating in the campaign but are not available in myPay: -WAMU 88.5-American Cancer Society Inc. -American Heart Association, Mid-Atlantic Affiliate-MDA, Mid-Atlantic Division -Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue Inc. -Wildlife Biology Institute -Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.-Mid Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue -NASA COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP FUND INC -WOUNDED WARRIOR FAMILY FOUNDATION -ACTION FOR HOPE USA

27 Debit and credit pledges New users must register prior to pledging Those who used CFCNexus last year will already be registered Tools to recover username and password Past pledging information will be available Payroll deduction option is no longer available—must use MyPay All NIH Institutes and Centers are listed—users must select from drop-down menu Upgrades from last year make CFCNexus easier to use


29 Choose from one-time or reoccurring One-time gifts are made the day the donor enters the pledge in CFCNexus Reoccurring gifts begin the first billing period in January 2015 and continue for 12 periods About credit and debit pledges

30 Paper pledge forms New smaller size!

31 Pledge Form Carrier (Form 100) Used for processing 1. paper pledges 2. CFCNexus check and cash donations 3. Special event proceeds A white copy for every paper pledge goes in the upper “white” pocket A yellow copy for every paper payroll pledge goes in the lower “yellow” pocket

32 Processing paper pledges 1.Keep completed pledge forms secure at all times 2.Ensure the co-workers have filled out completely and correctly All deduction amounts must match total annual deduction amount Payroll deductions need an authorization signature Check must be included and made payable to CFCNCA Turn in any pledges you have every week on _________________ to your IC Coordinator:______________________.

33 Objective: thank everyone who made a pledge and recognize Eagle Donors Challenge: online donations are completely confidential, and campaign workers have no access to that information Solution: thank everyone for considering participating in the campaign ask each of your contacts if they know about the Eagle Award, explaining that it is for those who give 1% or 2% or more through the CFC and that Eagle givers should tell you, the Keyworker we have special thank you cards and lapel pins for Eagle donors. many charities send thank you messages to their CFC donors Saying thank you

34 Event calendar October 8NIH Kickoff, 11 am to 1 pm, under tents in front of Building 1 (30+ charities, food trucks, entertainment, and more) October 9First NIH CFC Report Day October 30R&W Halloween Party, 11 am to 1 pm, Building 31A Patio TBDIC Director’s Challenge October-- December IC Events CFCNCA Awareness Days (Red, White, and Blue Day; Giving Tuesday) December 15Deadline to enter the R&W Drawing

35 NIH’s CFC Website  Links to donate pages  MyPay  CFCNexus  Information about the NIH Campaign

36 Campaign videos 3-minute campaign video 1-minute campaign video 3 15-second campaign videos Nearly 100 thirty-second individual videos

37 Help and support Contact NIH CFC  Send an to our help desk:  Call the NIH CFC Office at Debra Gale or -Christine Brake or -Monica Hanson or Contact CFCNCA  Visit   Call the CFCNCA Help Desk, (202)

38 Thank You For Making It Possible!

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