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Keyworkers Make it Possible

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1 Keyworkers Make it Possible
Your name: what agency are you from: What does an LE do - :03 Customize your training for each of your agencies. Celebrate their 2013 totals :03 Name of Agency

2 Campaign Video

3 Agenda Welcome and Introductions Objectives The Campaign and Your Role
How To Make Your Pledge

4 The Campaign and Your Role

5 Combined Federal Campaign History
Established by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 World’s largest fundraising campaign In 2013, our region raised $51 million for charities Nationwide, the CFC has raised more than $2 billion for charity over the past 52 years

6 8 Tips for Being an Effective Keyworker
Reach out to EVERYONE! Talk about the CFC in-person Encourage payroll deduction Understand online and paper pledge options Make giving personal Maintain campaign integrity Keep the campaign visible Give thanks

7 How to educate your peers about CFC
It is essential that you talk about CFC with every one of your assigned co-workers – 100% ask Explain how easy it is to give Discuss how important it is for us to support our community and give through the CFC Share a personal story Remind your co-workers that you are there to answer any questions they may have

8 Important Tips Our Goal is 100% Ask
Give your co-workers a chance to say YES! The best way to encourage giving is through conversation

9 Your Approach to Co-Workers
DO: Learn about the campaign; make your own gift; understand campaign structures; connect with co-workers in person ENGAGE: Share your own personal story; explain how easy it is to give; cite relevant facts about the good work done through CFC FOLLOW-UP

10 Federal Regulations & Ethics
Federal agencies cannot: Require 100% participation Allow managers to solicit their subordinates Pressure colleagues into giving Suggest donation amounts Develop a list of contributions OR non-contributors Coerce fellow employees

11 Resources

12 How to Make Your Pledge

13 Pledge and Designation Options

14 Help Desk Support:
Online Giving 24/7 availability from anywhere – Reduces costs and increases the money going directly to charities No paper to collect; no personal information to protect Help Desk Support:

15 Universal Giving Previously, donors could only give to national/international charities, or approved charities in their specific CFC region This year, CFCNCA donors will be able to give to any CFC approved charity in any region in the country The Universal Giving option is available through online giving ONLY

16 Using Nexus for the First Time
Register as a first time user Select your agency Enter your login and information (remember your login!) Begin the pledge process


18 EEX Agencies

19 MyPay Agencies

20 Paper Pledge Forms

21 Pledge Form Carrier (Form 100)
Form 100s are used for processing paper pledges and print a paper pledge transactions. Form 100s are also used to process proceeds from events.

22 Processing Paper Pledges
Keep completed pledge forms secure at all times Ensure the co-workers have filled out completely and correctly All deduction amounts must match total annual deduction amount Payroll deductions need an authorization signature Cash or check donations must be included, signed, and made out to CFCNCA not the charity! Promptly turn in results to your Coordinator, Campaign Manager or another designated Campaign Worker to ensure the chain of custody of CFCNCA deposits


24 Processing Confidential Gifts
To process a confidential gift: Receive completed pledge form with copy Place all items in a white envelope and seal it Write CFCNCA reporting unit number on front of the envelope

25 How Do I Make the “Ask”?

26 LE OR CM Contact Information Contact Name CFCNCA Line – (202) Direct Line – (202) XXXX

27 Thank You For Making It Possible!

28 Coordinator Responsibilities
The Following slides will show how the pledges are processed

29 Deposit Bags for Coordinators

30 Deposit Bags After Keyworker verifies the totals and the reporting unit number on the Form 100 the Coordinator should double check these items Coordinator then enters the Form 100 information in the “Deposit Bag” section of Nexus

31 Ordering Supplies in Nexus
Include as much information as possible in requests: POC, security, height, stairs, logistics, etc. If you need any supplies above the pre-calculated amounts, write it in the miscellaneous notes section Try to coordinate requests if possible – especially if there are multiple agencies in the same building

32 Ordering Supplies in Nexus

33 Scheduling Charity Events

34 Department/Agency Awards
Chairman’s Award Honor Award Merit Award President’s Award Million Dollar Circle Participation Award Campaign Leadership Award Summit Award

35 Thank You for Making it Possible

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