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COMBINED FEDERAL CAMPAIGN 2013 Monterey Santa Cruz Counties.

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1 COMBINED FEDERAL CAMPAIGN 2013 Monterey Santa Cruz Counties

2 What The CFC Is  Once-a-year, in-the-workplace charitable drive exclusively for Federal employees: Military, Civilian & U.S. Postal Service  Created in 1961 by Executive Order of President John F. Kennedy.

3 Why We Have The CFC  Eliminates year-round solicitation in the workplace by charitable organizations.  Authorizes that donors use the convenience of payroll deduction for charitable contributions.  Lowers administration cost of the charitable agencies

4 2013 Goals  $610,000 –Campaign History: 2012 CFC raised $596,219 2011 CFC raised $595,847 2010 CFC raised $601,751 2009 CFC raised $566,407  100% contact— opportunity to participate in CFC is individually presented to each staff/student

5 How to Start  Get familiar with CFC Campaign Booklet and Pledge Forms  Talk with employees/staff/students - Offer information and materials, including website at: - Their personal choice to contribute or not - Point out importance and effect of contributions - Payroll deduction best - provides predictable influx of cash

6 2013 Pledge Form

7 Civilian Payroll Sample Military retirees CAN do payroll donation from retiree pay; be sure to get their retiree pay office info



10 Check Sample

11 Before You Turn In Pledge Forms  Check all pledge forms  All information is legible  Payroll slips are signed, dated and have SSNs (exception USPS)  Checks made out to CFC ”  “Annual Amount” is equal to “Total Gift”

12  Pink Slips –Back to the donor  Yellow Slips –To Central Receipt Point or send directly to United Way Monterey County.  White Slips –Send to Payroll Office (for Payroll Donations Only) Pledge Forms

13  Golden Eagle Donor –$1,200 or more –Original Print by Mr. Pete Dausen  Eagle Donor –$180 or more –CFC Mug  Any Donation –CFC Pin Donor Recognition Items

14 Step It Up! 4 Steps to Success

15 Step 1: Involve  Meet with Agency Head to decide campaign dates  Ask your Agency Head to publicly support the campaign  Select a campaign committee to help you with the campaign.  Work together to set a goal for participation and dollars raised  Recruit a Leadership Campaign Chair

16 Step 2: Educate  Build Awareness  Promote and publicize CFC within your organization. - Organize a volunteer day/Agency Tour - Hold a Campaign Kickoff - Use your organization’s newsletter or email - Include flyers in payroll envelopes - Hang posters or “thermometers” to announce the campaign - Incorporate themes, special events, and incentives - Schedule CFC presentations

17 Step 3: Ask  The number one reason people do not make charitable contributions is that they are not asked  Hold employee meetings and/or use one-on-one solicitation  Make sure everyone has been asked to participate  Encourage giving through payroll deduction  Conduct a Leadership Campaign  Personalize the Ask - Make it meaningful

18 Step 4: Thank  Thank each donor when they turn in their pledge forms.  Share the good news! Make sure everyone knows your organization’s total contributions and receives credit for a job well done!  Thank your committee and all those who helped with the campaign.  Use bulletin boards, newsletters and email for additional thank-you messages.  Thank Loyal Donors - giving for 10+ years

19 Best Practices 1. Involve 2. Educate 3. Ask 4. Thank

20 Best Practices  Start this week!  Give out booklet and slip with your contact info  Follow up with individual visits  Emphasize impact of even small contributions

21 Frequently Asked Questions

22 How can I be sure my contribution got to the agency I designated? Check the “Please release my name...” box on the pledge card and the agency should send you a thank you notice. OPM Regulations require a Financial Audit by a CPA firm for campaigns over one million dollars to ensure all financial transactions are completed and accurate. OPM Regulations require an annual Compliance Audit to ensure the campaign is conducted in accordance with Congressional guidelines.

23 Do I have to put my social security number on the CFC pledge form? Yes: if you are planning to use the payroll deduction section of the pledge form. USPS Employees can use their Employee Identification Number. No: if you are donating by cash or check.

24 Thank you!

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