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1 e-pledging


3 e-pledging Visit our website Click on the “Pledge Online” link or button First time online donors click “YES” to register. Returning donors click “NO” and log in with last year’s log in & password

4 e-pledging Creating a New Account Search for your Federal Agency Click on the Group line to show additional options

5 e-pledgingCreating a New Account Select your Federal Agency

6 e-pledging Creating a New Account Enter personal information Select a login & password Write this down for future reference

7 e-pledging Registration is complete. You can exit the system at this point or continue to make a pledge.

8 e-pledging pledge type Three options are available Payroll deduction 1-time credit/debit card 1-time e-check (auto debit from checking account) NEW For 2014

9 e-pledging payroll deduction Select your payroll frequency Enter contribution allocation per pay period Click to authorize payroll allotment Total annual contribution will calculate automatically

10 e-pledging payroll deduction Payroll allotments require a Social Security# or Employee ID # This information is encrypted and erased once the pledge is processed. Enter work phone #

11 e-pledging credit/debit card Enter cardholder information. This information is encrypted and erased once the pledge is processed.

12 e-pledging e-check Enter checking account information. This information is encrypted and erased once the pledge is processed.

13 e-pledging Charity release authorization If a donor wishes to release their personal information to the designated Charity, they will need to enter the information here. CFC does not release any donor information to the Charities unless instructed to do so. Please indicate if you would like to receive a small token of appreciation based on your contribution level.

14 e-pledging Charity selection Donors can search for Charities by typing a key word

15 e-pledging Charity search options Charity search can be refined by using the drop down options

16 e-pledging Charity selection Select a Charity by clicking on the “add to pledge” button. For additional Charity options – repeat the search function

17 e-pledging Charity designation After selecting all Charities Enter the ANNUAL amount that you would like to contribute to each Charity. The remaining balance will calculate, when the balance reaches $0, you will be able to continue

18 e-pledging questionnaire

19 e-pledging final steps Please enter your Club token selection in the comments box Using your mouse – please sign the pledge earbuds

20 e-pledging almost finished Your pledge has been completed. Click on the box to view.

21 e-pledging my pledges Click on the grey box to view your pledge. Returning e-pledge donors can also view prior year pledges.

22 e-pledging thank you for supporting the CFC Charities You can print or email a copy for your records.

23 Questions??????????

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