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Click on Pledge Now Main Page

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1 Click on Pledge Now Main Page

2 3 ways to donate online: MyPay, CFC Nexus, or EEX This link will take you to registration if new user or login if previous user Easy way to look up your CFC ID #

3 1 st Time Visitors, click Register

4 Scroll down to find your Group

5 Click on SHOW to see list of activities in Group

6 Click on your activity to start process

7 Fill in your info and create a username/ password

8 Click once all fields are filled in

9 Click To continue

10 Select Payment Method. Cash and Check are no longer accepted due process & handling fees. Use one- time credit/debit in lieu of cash.

11 For Payroll Contributions:

12 Full SSN for payroll deductions

13 Choose whether you want your info given to CFC or charity organization Recognition Award: $600-1199 - CFC Coin $1200+ - CFC Eagle

14 Search for Charity Organization by name or 5-digit number Click “ADD TO PLEDGE” (You can add more than one charity to pledge)

15 Add allocation amount to charity organization Click Go To Next Step

16 Fill out questionnaire if you like Click on Go to Next Step

17 Sign with your mouse Click Complete this Pledge

18 Pledge Completed! Click to see the status of pledge

19 CFC staff will review pledge. Click to print a copy and review status

20 Print or Email a copy for your records CFC staff will review and submit payroll pledges

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