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Welcome YOU Make it Possible! 2013 NYC CFC Nexus Training.

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1 Welcome YOU Make it Possible! 2013 NYC CFC Nexus Training

2 2013 NYC CFC On-line Pledging CFC Nexus Federal agencies NOT using Employee Express or MyPay can make a payroll deduction pledge via CFC Nexus Any employee may contribute a one-time credit card/debit card gift via CFC Nexus Employees must print and sign one copy of the CFC Nexus payroll deduction pledge for submittal to the key worker Key workers must collect CFC Nexus payroll deduction pledge printouts for submittal to the federal agency’s payroll department for processing

3 First Step: Register

4 Creating Your Login Find your agency and click “Show” to expand the list Select the location where you work and complete Step 2 Click “Register Me”

5 Log Into CFC Nexus

6 Type in SSN or EIN (Not required when giving a Credit Card gift)

7 Select Pledge Type Payroll Contribution (non-EEX or MyPay users) and Credit Card Gift. Checks & Cash donations must be made with a traditional paper pledge form

8 Select Payroll Period Enter Allotment Amount Military Payroll = 12 pay periods Civilian Payroll = 26 pay periods

9 Authorize Payroll Deduction

10 Choose to Release Personal Information to the Charities If you choose yes, a set of boxes for you to type in your information will appear. If you choose no, your information will not be released to any charity.

11 Sign the Pledge with Your Mouse

12 Designate Charities

13 Designate Charities (con’t)

14 Allocate Allotment

15 Finish Entering Pledge

16 Employees: Print, Submit to Key Worker Once you have completed your pledge, submit your printed pledge to your key worker CFC Nexus does not automatically transmit your pledge to your payroll department Your pledge will not be processed unless you submit your pledge to your key worker & payroll department

17 Coordinator Access Coordinators can login to see who has pledged within the agency and download reports All paper pledges will be entered into NEXUS once they are received at processing center Donors can login, retrieve their pledge information and confirm accurate entry of charities Coordinators can track results all in one place To obtain coordinator access first register, then email to request access

18 Questions Contact 646-380-1885

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