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1 2012 Employee Giving Campaign Hartford User Guide Campaign Dates: September 24 – October 12, 2012.

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1 1 2012 Employee Giving Campaign Hartford User Guide Campaign Dates: September 24 – October 12, 2012

2 2 Travelers Community Connections (TCC): One Location for All Employee Giving & Engagement Programs TCC is a one-stop location that houses all employee giving programs: the Employee Giving Campaign, volunteer programs, matching gifts, and other opportunities such as disaster relief activities. Entering Community Connections is easy; just click the Community Connections link on inside under Top Sites. TCC New Face!

3 3 8/07/12 There are several ways to enter the Employee Giving Campaign Pledge Site To enter the Pledge Site: Choose the Employee Giving Campaign link beneath the yellow Employee Opportunities title bar or; b. Access a link through the HR Self Serve page or; c. Access a direct link from the Campaign Announcement on Inside

4 4 What’s New? No Administrative Fees My Orgs Box (highlights previously chosen organizations) Matching Gifts for Payroll Pledges Campaign Matches: You have the option of having qualified pledge dollars matched (must meet Travelers guidelines). You will see your match balance on the welcome screen. Employees may request matches of up to $500 per year. The minimum donation to each organization is $50. If you’ve already requested matches for contributions made earlier in the year, the balance will reflect as such. All requests must adhere to the Matching Gifts Guidelines. Please note: The matching gifts program is open year-round. The budget is capped at $2.5 million for all matches, including Volunteer Matching Gifts. When the match budget is expended, the matching gifts program will close for the year.

5 5 There are three ways to being your pledge: You can begin your pledge one of three search options: Highlighted Organizations, Search, or in the My Organizations (New!) which highlights previously chosen organizations.

6 6 There are four ways to make a pledge: Bill Me, One-Time Deduction, Per Paycheck Deduction (dollar amount) or Per Paycheck Deduction (percentage per org). While giving is personal, our goal is also to raise awareness. If you choose to give in other ways, you can select ‘no pledge’ which counts toward our goal of a 75% response rate. Everyone that responds is entered into a countrywide drawing for a chance to win a $500 grant to the charity of their choice.

7 7 8/07/12 Making a Payroll Deduction (example: Dollar Amount per Org) a.Enter the total deduction amount per payroll period. b.Enter the amount of the per payroll period amount that you wish to give to each organization. (This information must be entered even if you select just one organization). c.TCC will automatically calculate your annual donation to each organization. You may then enter your request(s) for a matching gift(s) and a designation for your gift if you wish. Use the designation box only if you want your donation earmarked for a specific program within the nonprofit organization. d.Click Save and Proceed. Please note: Your match cannot exceed your annual donation amount, matches to each organization must be a minimum of $50 and cannot exceed $500.

8 8 Making a Payroll Deduction (continued) The next step is an Acknowledgment Information page. If you wish to receive acknowledgment from the nonprofit organization(s), complete the address section. If wish to remain anonymous, check the Anonymous Gift box. At certain gift levels, you may be eligible to receive leadership recognition from the United Way for your contribution. Leadership levels vary by region. If you are eligible and wish to be recognized, complete the information in the Leadership Recognition box. Entering information in this box is completely optional. Click Save and Proceed.

9 9 Support: Employees will see a “Need Support” link at the bottom of each pledge page. You can email through the link or; You may also call: 1(877)240-9784 between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM EST.

10 10 Thank You! The Travelers Employee Giving Campaign brings necessary funds to organizations that assist in improving the lives of many in our local neighborhoods. Thank you for helping us build communities that are better for all of us – and better because of all of us.

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