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Research Methodology and the Scientific Method

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1 Research Methodology and the Scientific Method

2 Class layout By the end of this lesson, we will have:
Discuss the scientific method Learned about types of research designs Designed experiments

3 Pre-Activity The Scientific Method Hypothesis Experiment
In pairs, use the following words to describe and diagram the scientific method Hypothesis Experiment Research Question Conclusion Data Results

4 Components of a Scientific Investigation
Hypothesis Experiment Conclusions Data Research Question Scientific Methods Draw Collect Interpret Define Conduct Analyze Form Design

5 Conventions of Writing Write like a scientist
Word Verb Passive Noun Hypothesis Form Formulate Was formed Formation Experiment Design/Conduct Was/ were designed/conducted Design Conclusion Draw Was/Were drawn Data Collect/ Analyze/ Interpret Were….. Collection Analysis Interpretation Research Question Define Propose Was………. Example sentences: Data were analyzed using……. After the formation of the hypothesis……. The experimental design included……


7 The 3 Major Continua in Research Design
Quantitative Qualitative Confirmatory Exploratory Applied Theoretical


9 Variables Variable Type Definition Independent Does not change
Changes due Constants (Controlled) Factors to be Controlled Extraneous Variables that may confound results Variables

10 Constants and Controls
Conditions to remain constant Age Temperature Angles of incidence Sample Time Gender

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