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The Scientific Method Life Science.

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1 The Scientific Method Life Science

2 What is the Scientific Method?
Scientific Method- step by step process to solve a problem or find out information. There are 7 steps of the scientific method…

3 #1 Identify Problem Step 1: Identify the Problem State the Idea/Topic

4 #2 Research Step 2: Research Gather Information about the topic “Why is it important for scientists to research before performing an experiment?”

5 #3 Hypothesis Step 3: Hypothesis A Hypothesis is an “educated guess”
State a possible answer Should always be written: “I think _______ … because …”

6 #4 Experiment

7 Step 4: Experiment (Test your Hypothesis)
Design and Do List Materials Identify one “Controlled Variable” in Experiment Remains the same throughout experiment. Identify “Variables” in Experiment Independent Variables Dependent Variables-

8 #5 Observations & Record Data
Step 5: Observations and Record Data a. Data is the information you find or observe 2 Types of Data… b. Qualitative data c. Quantitative data

9 #6 Organize Analyze Data
Step 6: Organize and Analyze Data Create graphs, tables, charts, and diagrams to organize data.

10 #7 Conclusion

11 Step 7: Conclusion Conclusion is a summary that explains the data, and proves whether the hypothesis was ACCEPTED or REJECTED! Does your data support your Hypothesis?

12 Lab Activity Do you ever wonder why all bubbles are different?
During Lab, we are going to follow the scientific method in creating an experiment involving bubbles.

13 State the Problem Problem: “What is the best solution for making the BIGGEST bubble?” - What do we do after we state our problem?

14  Homework Tonight  Tonight you are going to research our problem by reading the “Bubble Packet”

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