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Miss Boland’s 2 nd Grade Class Curriculum Night Miss Boland I’m from Titusville, FL Dr. Seuss if my favorite author. I went to the University of Central.

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2 Miss Boland’s 2 nd Grade Class Curriculum Night

3 Miss Boland I’m from Titusville, FL Dr. Seuss if my favorite author. I went to the University of Central Florida I have a degree in Psychology and Elementary Education I love football

4 Attendance/Tardy  8:00: students can come onto campus and can enter into our classroom to start their morning work.  If your child comes in the room after 8:30, he/she will be counted tardy.  Absent: your child must have a note written (separate from agenda). These notes get turned into the office (required by law). Please have your child’s name, my name & sign the note.  Pre-arranged absence: Must be turned in at least 5 days in advance.

5 Daily Schedule: Morning work & AR Reading: Large & Small Groups & Daily 5 Writing Lunch Recess Read Aloud Specials Math Science/ Social Studies Dismissal & more AR

6 Math  Moving to Common Core! We will be using our math books, as well as supplementing our curriculum with other resources.

7 Math Grading Tests = 45% (Unit tests if at the end of the unit) Assignments = 35% (At the end of weeks without completing a full unit) Math Drills= 20% (Students are given 100 math problems and have 5 min. to complete as many as possible)

8 Language Arts Grading Writing = 30% (2 per nine weeks) Grammar = 30% (1 grade per week) Spelling = 20% (weekly 15 words and 1 dictation sentence for a total of 20 pts.) Vocabulary Strategy = 20% ( a page from the reading series)

9 Reading  Reading series: McGraw-Hill “Wonders”  Whole group/ Centers/ Small groups/Daily 5  Fri. – Test: Cold read to test skills, not comprehension of the week’s stories.

10 Reading Grades Robust Vocabulary = 30% (weekly test) Oral Reading Fluency = 30% (biweekly) Cold Read Comprehension = 40% (weekly tests from reading series: a cold read of the weekly skills, not a comprehension test of the weekly stories.)

11 Accelerator Reader (AR)  Students take quizzes on books they have read.  Chapter books read once  Picture books read three times  Nonfiction 4 times, 1 level easier  Must have an 80% average to get prize  Points give students tags and prizes  I have a record of all tests…they do not need to go on Reading Logs.

12 Homework  Homework packets are sent home on Mondays and are due on Fridays  Read every night  Spelling practice  Homework is checked only for completion

13 Agendas  Please check your child’s agenda every day.  Agendas are to be signed and returned to school every day.  You may write or attach a note in your child’s agenda. **Be sure to tell him/her to tell me that there is a note**

14 Class Rules  We will respect ourselves, others and property.  We will listen carefully and follow directions.  We will keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves.  We will complete all work.  We will raise our hands.

15 Consequences Warning 1- = Note in agenda (must be signed that it has been seen!) 2- = Note in agenda & responsibility paper 3- = Note in agenda & responsibility paper & behavior paragraph 4- = Note in agenda & responsibility paper & behavior paragraph & phone call to parents Severe disruption: automatic removal to office

16 Rewards: Praise Smiles Special Privileges Proud of Self Prizes

17 Lunch  11:03-11:33  Lunch money:  In envelope with 1 st & last name  Lunch number  Amount of money (let kids count!)  Pay online:  You may come to eat with YOUR child! (not their friends, though…)

18 Pink Lion Loot-Cafeteria –Given only by lunchroom assistant –Earn loot as a class –Must follow posted lunchroom behavior –Reward once a month for top class from each grade level and top class overall Blue Lion Loot-Specials –Given only by a special area teacher –Earn loot as a class –Follow the rules for special areas –Reward once a semester –Establish own guidelines for Lion Loot day Reward System

19 Field Trips We will have 1 or 2 field trips this year. To be a chaperone, you MUST complete a volunteer form at least a month in advance. A background check is required to attend a field trip with any student who attends a Lake County School.

20 Mandatory Uniforms Tops: Knit polo style collared shirts in hunter green, navy, white, pink, or light blue must be worn Mon.-Thurs.. Fridays only-- Jeans on Friday must be fully intact appropriately without fashionable rips or tears. Jeans may be worn with a Lost Lake T-shirt.

21 Uniforms Continued Footwear: Tennis shoes or shoes with an enclosed heel are preferred. Sandals must have a heel strap.

22 Consequences for Dress Code Violations 1st Offense: Parent Contact- Administration Notification 2 nd Offense: Lunch Detention 3 rd Offense: School Plus – After School Detention 4 th Offense: In-School Suspension 5 th Offense: Out-of-School Suspension

23 BIRTHDAYS Birthdays You may send birthday treats in with you student and we will eat the snack after lunch in the classroom or at recess. They may NOT be homemade. They have to be store bought. Please do not send in birthday party invitations for your child to pass out as this may cause hurt feelings. PEANUT-FREE! We do have some students who are allergic to peanuts so please no candy with peanuts or peanut butter in it.

24 Contact Information  If you have any questions or concerns:  E-mail:  Phone: 352-243-2433 from 8:00-8:30 and 3:00-3:30  Write a note (staple in agenda and let your child know to tell me that there is a note)  My e-mail is a public record, therefore, I will not discuss personal information and please use initials, not student names.

25 Thank you!  Any questions?  Be sure to check our school web page: fault.asp fault.asp  Our Class Webpage  T hank you for coming!

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