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Welcome to Information Night

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1 Welcome to Information Night
Second Grade

2 Our Class Schedule 7:45 - 8:15 TEA Time (Tutoring, Enrichment, and Acceleration) 8: :10 Language Arts 10: :05 Specials 11: :40 Math 11: :14 Lunch (may change) 12:20 - 1:10 Math 1:10 - 1:30 Recess 1:35 - 2:35 S.S./Science 2:35-2:45 Dismissal

3 Homework/Behavior Folder:
Your child will have a homework folder. At the beginning of the week your child will receive a Homework Assignment Sheet for the week and a packet of all the homework. THIS WILL BE DUE ON EACH FRIDAY AT 8:00 (unless otherwise stated). Some assignments need to be completed on the night they are assigned, due to your child not knowing what to do until then.

4 How can I help my child with homework?
Make sure that your child has a quiet place to do his or her homework. Listen to your child read for 15 minutes each night. Ask your child questions about what they have read (see question sheet for some generic examples of questions). Be available for your child to ask questions about homework if needed. All homework should be able to be done independently, except for the 15 minutes of reading.

5 What Can My Child Read For Homework?
Your child can read any book from home or school for homework each night. At school we use the “I PICK” strategy to help choose “good fit” books (see handouts).It is important to me that your child enjoys what he or she reads ! Once AR starts, in order for your child to make their goal, reading AR books will be important.

6 Reading Level Information:
In Second Grade we use the DRA and DIBELS to assess your child’s reading level. I will keep you informed on how your child did on each of the above tests. I will give these tests at least 2 times this year, once at the beginning and once at the end. I might give it to your child more if I see the need. By the end of the year your child needs to be reading on: DRA level 28 or higher Fluency (how fast they read) 90 words per minute or higher.

7 AR Information: I will let you know when AR starts.
Once AR starts, I will staple your child’s goal and reading range in their homework folder.

8 Spelling Homework I will give a spelling pretest each Monday. See the highlighted list for your child’s words. Each list will have the same dictation sentences. If your child misses: 0-2 words: Your child will have List 2 More than 2: Your child will have List 1

9 Continue of Spelling Homework …
Each week your child will get a Spelling Contract. Your child can choose the Spelling Activities that he or she would like to complete to get the desired grade each week. It is up to your child to do the desired activities each week. They will be due on Friday with other homework. ALL ACTIVITIES WILL BE COMPLETED ON REGULAR PAPER. SEE EXAMPLES

10 Tests Students will be told the day before if not sooner as to when we will be having tests. Every Friday we will be having a reading test over the story of the week. This test along with Science and Social Studies tests will be given open book. Your child will be expected to find the page that the answer is found on and write it beside the question.

11 Grading Policy In Second Grade your child will start receiving number grades. A: (Outstanding) B: (Average) C: (Below Average) F: Below 70 (Failing) Your child will be receiving their Report Card the Thursday after the end of the 6 weeks. (Please make sure you look at the comments section each time to find important information.) See the front of your child’s report card envelope for any special awards your child might be receiving. Progress Reports will be sent home every 3 weeks.

12 Continue Grading Policy…
I weigh all assignments equally. Unless we worked on a project for a while, I might take two grades on it. Language Arts grades consist of: Reading: 45% Writing: 45% Spelling: 10% Failing Grades: Except for tests, if your child receives a a grade below 50, he or she will be given an opportunity to redo it for a If he or she receives between a 51-69, he or she can redo it for a 70. Due to time restraints this might need to be done at home. Please see your child’s weekly folder for work that needs to be redone.

13 Parent Portal IDs Last year you may have viewed your child’s attendance on line through the PISD website. This year you can view their grades, too.

14 If you have an account already set up, you will still use the same information as last year.
If you are new to the school or did not get the paperwork, you can stop by the school office between the hours of 7:30-3:30 to sign and pickup the ID numbers.  Portal IDs cannot be mailed.  You will be given an instruction sheet as well so that they may set up their access through txConnect.

15 Tuesday Folders Each week your child will come home with their Tuesday Folder. This folder will contain all graded work from the previous week and any notes from the office or myself. Please sign the folder stating that you have seen the papers, take out your child’s work, and then return it the next day.

16 What do I do if my child is absent?
If your child is absent, please notify the office that morning so you may pick up your child’s work at the end of the day that he/she missed. If at all possible, they should try to complete the work before returning. You officially have 3 days to complete and return all work. If you know your child will be out in advance please let me know, so that work can be given to your child in advance.

17 Behavior We have a behavior chart. Each color represents different things: Green: Great Day! Yellow: Oops! Warning Orange: 5 minutes of recess Red: Responsibility Note and Teacher’s Choice (miss all of recess, call parents, time out in another class, office referral, etc.) Each day your child will come home with their behavior chart on the back of their homework sheet. Please sign by the appropriate day so I will know that you are fully aware of their behavior.

18 Positive Behavior Horse Race- Students receive table points when listening and following directions. At the end of the day the table with the most point moves their horse over the hurdle. When a table crosses the finish line they will get to have lunch in the classroom. Money - Students receive a dollars for following procedures and outstanding behavior. Once a month they get to “spend” their money in my store.

19 Misc. Things Morning Reminders:
Please remember that your child will be counted tardy at 7:40. Also please remember that if your child has 3 tardies, it will count as 1 absence. Water bottles are allowed in the classroom. Please don’t allow your child to anything but water into the classroom unless it is for lunch.

20 Misc. Things Your child loves to have special lunches with you. Please remember that the lunch is for you and your child only. Sheriff of the Week - We will have a “Sheriff of the Week” each week. You child will bring home a special project to fill out and a letter.

21 Birthday Celebration Rules
Due to food guidelines and campus policies the following rules apply. Parents can bring cupcakes for the class to eat at the beginning of the day to the room. I will pass out the cupcakes at a opportune time during the day after lunch. - Invitations will be allowed to be distributed at school for birthdays as long as every child in the class is invited.

22 How to Contact Mrs. Nichols
The best way to contact me is by or a note. My address is I will try my hardest to get back with you that day. If you write me a note, I will write you back if needed. I check my during my conference period each day, but things occasionally come up that do not allow that to happen.

23 Haystack If you took a donation haystack at “Meet the Teacher” night, please make sure you return the haystack.

24 Promethean Board

25 Bulletin Board Try to see if you know your child.
First, by their “favorites”. Then, by their drawn picture of themselves. If you still don’t know, look at the picture. Finally, see who is “WANTED”. (soooo cute!)

26 Thank you so much for coming
Thank you so much for coming! I look forward to getting to know each of you and your children more throughout the year. I am a firm believer in teachers and parents working together, so please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I will definitely be doing the same.

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