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Welcome to Back to School Night Room 21 Miss Moyal Before you leave……  Sign up for Fall Conference Time.

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1 Welcome to Back to School Night Room 21 Miss Moyal Before you leave……  Sign up for Fall Conference Time

2 Back to School Night Outcomes By the end of the evening I will know: What my child is learning in 2 nd Grade My child’s daily and weekly schedule The policies and procedures in place to help my child be successful

3 Class Schedule  8:25-8:45 Morning Kick Off  8:45-10:15 Language Arts  10:15-10:30 Snack Recess (snack is not provided)  10:30-11:30 Math  11:30-12:10 Lunch  12:10 - 12:30 DEAR  12:30-2:45 Social Studies/ Science/ Writing / Art  2:45-2:51 Afternoon Jobs  2:51 Dismissal Monday and Tuesday Dismissal is 2:06 _________________________________________________ WEEKLY SPECIALS: MusicTuesdayPEThursday Computers WednesdayLibraryFriday

4 2nd Grade Curriculum Reading Houghton Mifflin Reading Series, Non-Fiction, Whole Class Book Reads, Accelerated Reader, Text Books Language Arts Narrative, Friendly Letter and Expository Writing, Writing across the curriculum, Differentiated Spelling, Daily Language Practice, Grammar Instruction, Listening and Speaking (oral reports) Math EnVision math series

5 Curriculum Science California Science text book Scope and Sequence includes: Earth’s Materials, Motion, and Life Cycles Social Studies Social Studies Long ago and Today, Map Skills, Historical Heroes, United States Government Technology Mavis Beacon Typing, Accelerated Reader, Word Processing

6 Homework Procedures Homework Nightly- MATH, returned in Red HW folder each morning Weekly- Homework Calendar and Reading Response, returned in Red HW Folder on Monday Morning RAH reading 20 min If your child doesn’t turn in their homework, they will have to make it up during recess. Each student has a homework folder that goes home every night and returns to school the next day.

7 Friday Folder Yellow Friday Folder will go home with students on Friday with all their returned work from the week and other District Approved flyers. All papers are to be removed from the Friday Folder and the folders are to be returned back to class empty on Monday Morning

8 Classroom Management We focus on the positive, we depend on each other to be considerate, cooperative, and safe Positive Reinforcement Group Table Points Tickets Friday Fun Consequences Warning Missing Recess

9 All Room 21 students will:  Be Kind  Be Safe  Be Responsible  Be Respectful Classroom Rules

10 Star of the Week Posters should be turned in already, due this past Tuesday. Bring pictures, favorite book, favorite item etc.

11 2 nd Grade Field Trips Heather Farms- October Lesher Center- December Lindsay Wildlife- March Zone 7 Water District- May (on campus) Field Trip Donations include admission and Bus fee. Donations for our field trips will be collected each trimester. PARENT VOLUNTEERS: –Must fill out proper paperwork, even if you have filled it out before.

12 Other Matters Birthdays Student can bring a small treat, please make sure there are no nuts in the treat, as we have students with allergies. We will eat them during snack recess. Snacks Very important for a HEALTHY SNACK NO JUNK FOOD!!!! I will take it until lunch. Water refillable bottle Volunteers Anytime you are on campus you must sign in If you are available to volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Form YOUR PARTICIPATION MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOUR CHILD AND OUR CLASS!

13 How can you help? Check for completeness of HW Read with your child Practice Math Facts and spelling Sign Weekly Behavior Chart Ask your child about school Pack a healthy snack everyday Volunteer (chaperone, classroom helper, miscellaneous jobs i.e. copying, book clubs)

14 Email – Phone – 803-4444 x 5897 Send a note Write me a note and place it in your child’s homework folder. I look forward to an effective partnership with you and a successful year for our students. Communication

15 Finally!! Please sign up for a Fall Conference.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR COMING!!.

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