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Ms. Fraser 2 nd Grade Class Curriculum Night September 4, 2012.

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1 Ms. Fraser 2 nd Grade Class Curriculum Night September 4, 2012

2 Attendance/ Tardy 8:00: Students come into room to start our day If your child comes in the room after 8:30, he/she will be counted tardy. Absent: your child must have a note for their absence to be excused. Please do not write these notes in their agendas as they are turned in to the front office. Pre-arranged absences must be approved by administration at least 5 days in advance. As much as possible, please avoid checking your student out at the end of the day as I teach bell to bell and it is very disruptive to my classroom.

3 Mandatory Uniforms Tops: Knit polo style collared shirts in navy, white, light blue, pink, or hunter green. Official Lost Lake T-shirts may be worn on Fridays. Bottoms: Shorts (fingertip length) or long pants (not baggy or form fitting), skirts, skorts, jumpers, or culottes in black, navy or khaki (solid color only).

4 Uniforms Continued Fridays only: Jeans on Friday must be fully intact appropriately worn jeans without fashionable rips or tears. Footwear: Tennis shoes or shoes with an enclosed heel are preferred. Sandals must have a heel strap. The students have PE 6 times within a 9 day rotation. They should wear tennis shoes on those days.

5 Consequences for Dress Code Violations 1 st offense: Agenda/Folder reminder of policy 2 nd offense: Parent phone call by teacher for a change of clothes/copy of signed policy sent home in agenda 3 rd offense: Uniform pass to administrator/ phone call home for change of clothes/lunch detention 4 th offense: Discipline referral/ phone call home for change of clothes/School plus 5 th offense: Discipline referral/phone call home for change of clothes/In-School suspension

6 Reading Reading series: Storytown Whole group Instruction Vocabluary Spelling/phonics Grammar Writing Guided reading Centers/ Small groups Guided reading/fluency Vocabulary Phonic/spelling Grammar Writing Arts/crafts

7 Reading Grades Robust Vocabulary = 20% (weekly test) Oral Reading Fluency = 20% (biweekly) Cold Read = 35% (1 per week) Comprehension = 25% (weekly test = comprehension, written response and high frequency words)

8 Language Arts Testing Schedule Thursday-Grammar, Cold Reads Friday-Comprehension, Vocabulary Friday-Spelling (Please check the Fridge Fact sheet in your childs weekly homework folder for the required DICTATION SENTENCE.)

9 Language Arts Grading Writing = 40% (biweekly) Grammar = 30% (1 grade per week) Spelling = 20% (weekly 15 words plus dictation sentence) Classwork = 10% (4 per grading period)

10 AR Accelerator Reader Students have an opportunity DAILY to take AR tests Students take quizzes over books they have read. Chapter books read once Picture books read three times Must have an 80% average to get prize Points give students tags and prizes

11 AR Prizes 10 Points : Independent Reader Tag 15 Points: Treasure box 20 Points: Rising Reader Tag 25 Points: Book from Book Room 30 Points: Super Reader Tag 35 Points: Popsicle 40 Points: Advanced Reader Tag 50 Points: Star Reader Tag 60 Points: Free homework pass 65 Points: Chilis dinner coupon 75 Points: Classic Reader Tag 90 Points: Lunch with teacher 100 Points: Honors Reader Tag

12 Math:1 st Nine Weeks Place value through thousands Expanded notation through thousands Comparing/Ordering Numbers through thousands Skip counting Odd/even numbers Patterns

13 Math Grading Tests = 55% (Unit tests if at the end of the unit) Assignments = 45% (At the end of weeks without completing a full unit) FOR ALL SUBJECTS: Set up an online account on eSembler!

14 Homework Homework folders are sent home on Mondays and are due on Fridays Weekly assignments: Read 20 minutes every night (initial reading logs) Spelling practice sheet (tests are on Fri.) Simple spelling sentences Math worksheets Fluency sheet (initial each night) Homework is checked for completion

15 Agendas Agendas are to be signed and returned to school daily. Read your childs sentence about their day and discuss what they have written I mark in them on how their day was: Stamp= did not move card/moved card 1 time Note if card was moved more than once Transportation notices need to be on a separate piece of paper and given to me in the morning.

16 Class Rules 1.Keep your hands and feet to yourself. 2.Raise your hand to speak. 3.Be responsible, reliable, respectful and ready to learn. 4.Listen and follow directions. 5.PAWS!! (school wide)

17 Lost Lake Elementary PBS(Positive Behavior Support) Mission Statement: To provide a safe learning environment where students enjoy learning and can grow. School-wide Behavior System: Hallways, Cafeteria and Classrooms Rewarding students for POSITIVE Behavior


19 Reward System Pink Lion Loot-Cafeteria Given only by lunchroom assistant Earn loot as a class Must follow posted lunchroom behavior Reward once a month for top class from each grade level and top class overall Blue Lion Loot-Specials Given only by a special area teacher Earn loot as a class Follow the rules for special areas Reward once a semester Establish own guidelines for Lion Loot day

20 Yellow Lion Loot-Hallways and Classroom Given in Hallways for: Being quiet Keeping hands to your side Single file line Keeping to the right Classroom teachers may reward students with Yellow Lion Loot for following classroom rules set by the teacher. Students may redeem for rewards. They may redeem on designated days or save for a larger reward and redeem later. Rewards are: 5=Homework Pass 10=Ice Cream Coupon 15=VIP Lunch 20=Game Day 25=Dance Party 30=Football Tips

21 Rewards and Consequences Each student has their magic number on a clip. If they break one of the rules, they move their clip. 1 st move = warning, 2 nd move = note in agenda, lose 5 minutes of recess 3 rd move = time off Fun Friday, sentences for HW 4 th move = phone call to parents Everyday their clip moves up, they get a note in their agenda and a surprise. Character Counts (please sign agreements/leave on desk) Treasure Box Points jar

22 Lunch 11:03-11:33 Lunch money: In envelope with name Lunch account Lunch number Pay online: Yellow cards are given out to students who are not following cafeteria rules. It will be sent home in agenda. Pink Lion Loot awarded to class

23 Enrichment MTTF 12:15-1:00 Wed 11:45-12:20 Enrichment is on a 9 day rotation. Make sure students have appropriate shoes for PE Check agendas for daily color and schedule Red=PE; Orange=Media; Yellow=PE; Green=Science; Blue=PE; White=Media; Purple=PE; Gray=Fine Arts; Brown=Technology * On non-PE days, we will be having 30min PE time in class (some indoors some outside)

24 Birthdays I celebrate birthdays in my classroom by giving a hat to wear and we sing Happy Birthday. We will no longer have birthday treats in our classroom per administration. Birthday treats may be sent in in the morning with your child. They may NOT be homemade. It needs to be something simple as lunch time is limited. Cookies or small cupcakes are recommended. They will be served to the students in the cafeteria at lunch time. Please do no send in birthday party invitations for your child to pass out unless EVERYONE in the class is invited as this may cause hurt feelings.

25 Volunteers Only APPROVED volunteers will be permitted to join us on field trips. If you have previously been a volunteer at LLE, please see Kim Dos Santos in the front office to update your information if necessary If you have not been a volunteer at LLE, fill out a blue volunteer application from the front office ASAP. Our first field trip will be in January or February to the theater in Orlando.

26 Contact Information If you have any questions or concerns: E-mail: Phone: 352-243-2433 from 8:00-8:30 and 3:00-3:30 Attach a note in your childs agenda My e-mail is a public record, therefore, I will not discuss personal information

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