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We’re glad you’re here!. Daily Schedule Morning Work 8:15-8:25 Morning Announcement: 8:25 Specials: 9:05-9:55 (Mon.-Tues., Thurs.-Fri.), 8:45-9:25 (Wed.)

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Presentation on theme: "We’re glad you’re here!. Daily Schedule Morning Work 8:15-8:25 Morning Announcement: 8:25 Specials: 9:05-9:55 (Mon.-Tues., Thurs.-Fri.), 8:45-9:25 (Wed.)"— Presentation transcript:

1 We’re glad you’re here!

2 Daily Schedule Morning Work 8:15-8:25 Morning Announcement: 8:25 Specials: 9:05-9:55 (Mon.-Tues., Thurs.-Fri.), 8:45-9:25 (Wed.) Reading: 9:55-11:57 Lunch: 11:57-12:27 Recess: Mondays and Fridays – times are not determined Math: 12:27-2:00 Science: 2:00-3:05 (Mon.-Tues.) Social Studies: 2:00-3:05 (Thurs.-Fri.)

3 Snack Time Students can pack a healthy snack to eat mid- morning. (about 10:00 a.m.)

4 At-home responsibilities: Agendas, Homework Agendas: Students write in the agenda daily. Students write their spelling words in their agendas. Parent/Guardian signature required Monday through Thursday.

5 At-home responsibilities: Homework, Agendas Homework: Math and Reading homework is given daily Monday – Thursday and is due back the next day. Check the agenda to see if it is assigned. Some days your child will receive homework in Science or Social Studies. Projects may be assigned that will be required to be completed at home.

6 Newsletters Newsletters go home weekly. A link to a copy of the weekly newsletter can be found on our web page, located on the Seminole Springs Elementary web site under “Meet Our Teachers”. Included in the newsletters are spelling words, vocabulary, the skills of the week, other important information.

7 AR Book goals Students have individual goals set for them. The goals require them to have a certain number of points for each 9 weeks. The goals change each 9 weeks. Students who reach their goals receive an incentive at the end of the 9 week period.

8 Reading Incentives Superintendent's Reading Challenge: Begins on October 1st (Wednesday)! Students who read 25 books before March 2nd will receive an award from the Superintendent. The recommended books read for the challenge is 1/3 of the books should be Fiction, 1/3 of the books should be Non-Fiction, and 1/3 Student’s Choice. Also, the schools with the most students reaching the goal will receive a plaque! We want to be one of those schools!

9 Curriculum Expectations Moving toward Common Core Tests are more complex and challenging due to an emphasis on higher rigor. We are trying to use less paper and ink. What does this mean? 1. Students will be required to do more writing and copy down from the board more. 2. We will not use as many worksheets to teach/practice/learn skills.

10 Curriculum Curriculum/Textbooks Lake County’s curriculum can be found at in the Curriculum Department ELA – Wonders by McGraw-Hill Math – GO! Math by Harcourt Science – Interactive Science by Pearson Social Studies – My World by Pearson Please be aware that GO! Math is not aligned to our new state standards. It is being used only as a resource when needed and is not a guide.

11 State Testing What will the Florida FCAT replacement test require my child to do? Information can be found at the Florida Dept. of Education’s Website ( in the “Online Portal and for the Florida State Assessments” link. alking-to-parents-about-the-ccss/

12 State Testing Cont.

13 Once inside the portal, click on “Training Tests”.

14 State Testing Format H.O.T Text questions (higher order thinking) Multi-Select Questions: Requires students to select all applicable words or phrases. Example: Select ALL words or phrases from the text. Open Response: Requires students to both demonstrate content knowledge and to apply that knowledge in some way. Text Evidence: Requires students to cite evidence from the text to support their thinking in an answer.

15 Daily Expectations Daily expectations for your child: Be present at school. Arrive at school on time. Be prepared with materials. Have a positive attitude. Eager to learn.

16 Classroom Rules/Expectations 1. Prepare to work hard when you enter the door. 2. Always keep your hands and your feet to yourself. 3. Follow directions the first time given. 4. Work to the best of your ability. 5. Say kind words and listen while others are speaking. Absolutely NO BULLYING will be tolerated. No electronic devices allowed out of backpacks. If we see them, we are required to take them and turn them in to administration.

17 Classroom Management Good Choice Ticket system = daily rewards! Incentives (given Fridays): 5 tickets = piece of candy 10 tickets = pick from prize basket 15 tickets = homework pass 20 tickets = lunch and movie in the classroom

18 Classroom Management Cont. Consequences Students are “fined” tickets for failure to make good choices. Parent contact via note or phone call home. Detention: May be given for not turning in homework as required, misbehavior/disrespect, and failure to complete class work. Saturday School: Is a possible behavior intervention if parent contact and detentions have not bee proven effective.

19 What is Enrichment Friday? The last 30 minutes of the day, students who earn their way to Enrichment Friday may choose from one of the teacher’s activity rooms. Students who have not met the required points for the week, did not complete homework for the week, or did not complete class work for the week will be in Enrichment Discipline where students must work silently.

20 Checking out, absences, tardies Please limit to as few as possible, but please do NOT come to school with a fever, even if you have given your child fever-reducing medicine. They may still be contagious! Students are responsible for getting their make- up work and completing it within five days after an absence (checking out - next day) Weekly head checks are given on Fridays and anyone sent home must be cleared through the nurse before returning to school.

21 Field Trip St. Augustine Friday, December 12, 2014 Volunteering: If you want to volunteer you must have the correct paperwork completed and turned in. Please check with the office to make sure you are on the list.

22 Thank You For Attending If you would like to discuss your child’s grades, behavior, or have any concerns that were not addressed during this curriculum night, please sign your name on the sheet by the door and we can schedule a conference.

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