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Welcome to Second Grade!

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1 Welcome to Second Grade!

2 Dress Students need to be comfortable. Dress appropriately for P.E.
(sneakers and socks, pants, shorts, no skirts or flip flops) You may send a jacket to leave in the room if your child gets cold in class. Girls wear shorts under skirts (when possible).

3 Behavior and Classroom Rules
Rules – Your child will be made aware of all classroom, hallway, school, recess, bathroom, and lunchroom rules and procedures on the first day. We will be reviewing the Bear Code book the first week. Behavior chart – green, yellow, blue, orange, purple and red Green – Good Day Yellow – Warning Blue – Time Out Orange – Teacher Discretion Purple – Parent Notification Red – Office Referral * Students will be rewarded for good behavior weekly.

4 Bear Bucks Students will have an opportunity to earn and spend Bear Bucks. Students can earn Bear Bucks in several ways: Making Honor Roll Making 9 weeks AR Goal Making Growth on the MAPs test Various other class wide opportunities

5 * Please see the supply list on second grade webpage.
Supplies Thank you for sending in the beginning of the year supplies. They will be a big help during the year. * Please see the supply list on second grade webpage.

6 Recess We will go outside daily (weather permitting). Please dress your child for the weather. Toys – Please do not send any toys with your child. They may get lost or broken. Football – Please do not send footballs with your child. They get too rough for this game at recess. All school rules will be followed at recess!

7 Volunteers There are many ways that you can volunteer. You can come in and read with the students, cut and glue items at home, send in any needed items and/or snacks, etc. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are interested in volunteering in any way. You will need to complete a SLED background check form and we must have it back from the District Office before you may volunteer. Always get a nametag from the office. This rule is school wide and helps to keep your child safe.

8 Special Projects There may be curriculum based projects sent home during the year. You will be notified ahead of time and given at least a week to complete the assigned project. Please work with your child on these projects. Encourage them to be creative and to do their best.

9 The School Day The day begins at 7:50 and ends at 2:10.
It is very important that your child arrives to school on time because of attendance, lunch choices, and morning assignments. If your child is eating breakfast they must be here no later than 7:40. You cannot sign your child out after 1:30. The end of the day is a very important time of the day in our classroom.

10 Tardy Slips If your child is tardy (arrives at school after 7:50) they will be given a tardy slip. We will mark in your child’s agenda that they were tardy.

11 Lunch Lunch boxes – Please send a lunch that your child can open and eat without the need of a microwave. Lunch is only 30 minutes so talking is not permitted for the first 10 minutes of lunch. Put all lunch money in a Ziploc bag or envelope with your child’s name on it.

12 Homework and Agenda Please check and sign your child’s agenda daily.
Please check your child’s homework folder for important papers. All assignments should be returned on time with your child’s name written at the top. Missing assignments will be completed at recess time. Weekly spelling lists will be written in the agenda on Monday.

13 Weekly Assignment and Test Schedule
Please check your child’s agenda for nightly homework assignments. Expect spelling and math practice work each night. Reading books, library books, agendas, and homework folder should go home daily, other books just as needed. Check agendas, newsletters, and websites for scheduled tests. Please look for study guides in your child’s folder.

14 Language Arts Weekly story and vocabulary words Weekly spelling words
Reading Renaissance-Students will be given a nine week point goal. This goal should easily be met if your child reads at home for 20 minutes daily.

15 Math We use the Everyday Math program.
Homework will be given Monday-Thursday. Tests will be scheduled at the completion of each unit. Weekly quizzes will be given on Friday. PLEASE study 0-18 addition and subtraction facts at home with your child.

16 Concepts Social Studies and Science tests will be scheduled at the completion of each unit. Study guides for unit tests will be placed in your child’s homework folder, and test dates will be in the agenda, newsletter, and website.

17 Grades and Papers Promotion Guidelines for second grade:
The grading scale in second grade is numeric. Grading scale: A B C D F – below  I Incomplete E S    N – 79 Promotion Guidelines for second grade: Must have a 70% or above in the following subject areas: Math Reading/ELA

18 Birthdays and Parties If you send invitations, please send one for every child. If you would like to send in a treat for your child’s birthday, please send it before lunch.

19 Medicines/Illness Please do not send medicine with your child to school. If your child needs medication at school, please see the nurse. Please notify me if your child takes daily medications and must report to the nurse. Please keep your child home if they are sick! Please keep all phone numbers current! Send an or written excuse for days missed. If your child has an allergy or other medical conditions please notify me ASAP.

20 Going Home Send a note with your child if he or she will be going home a different way. If I do not receive a note, your child will be sent home the way that they usually go home. If you are picking your child up in carline – please have a carline sign, stay in your car, and be patient .

21 Miscellaneous You will receive phone calls through Parent Link from Mr. Rogers letting you know about school events. Students will take MAP tests twice throughout the year to show growth. School notes and test papers will be sent home in the homework folder on Monday. These papers must be signed and returned on Tuesday or Wednesday each week. (Remember, you can see grades by logging onto PowerSchool.)

22 Online Access Weekly newsletters will be ed to parents who provided an address. They can also be found on your child’s teacher’s webpage.

23 We are going to have a great year!!!
Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns. We want the best for your child, too. School ( ) Conferencing will be held by appointment. We look forward to working with you and your child during this school year. your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.

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