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APACS Universal Video Connecting Video and Access Control.

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1 APACS Universal Video Connecting Video and Access Control

2 Overview APACS Universal Video Interface allows integration of Digital Video Recorders and cameras – View live video – Start/Stop Recording – Associate Cameras & ACS devices to trigger recording – Retrieve video based on ACS events Supports Various Manufacturers with a common interface – ApolloVideo, ApolloVision, Samsung, Bosch, Panasonic, Vicon

3 Functions Cameras are added to the system like standard ACS objects – Messages can be received – Can be added to maps – Can be controlled (manually & automatically) DVR/Cameras can also function as standalone system – Majority of configuration is done in

4 Functions –Viewing DVR Cameras Can be viewed live in Alarm Mode Can be added to maps or accessed via control menu

5 Functions –Viewing Views can display monitor windows that contain multiple cameras.

6 Functions –Viewing Each View can display multiple monitors – Permissions for each View – Can mix cameras from multiple DVRs

7 Functions – Control Cameras can be controlled manually – PTZ – Video Parameters Control can be automatic via reactions

8 Functions – Messages Messages from the DVR are received in APACS – Motion – Feed Loss – Disk Full – can be used in message masks to trigger reactions

9 Linking Cameras can be linked to readers and alarm points so that messages from the objects will trigger alarm recording and messages will link to the associated video

10 Linking - Reporter Linked messages are also available in Reporter for retrieval later

11 Playback In addition to playback of linked messages, a time/date can be selected manually – Selection method depends on the type of DVR

12 Local Recording Snapshots of live video as well as video clips can be manually saved using the control menu. Take Snapshot Save Clip Saved on local HDD in directories specified during install. By default: \APACSXX\Pictures \APACSXX\Videos

13 Local Recording - Playback Clips can only be played back using a viewer with the correct codec – Encoding depends on the DVR in use.

14 Configuring DVRs Ensure DVR Components are installed and Licensed Add DVR to hardware tree – Added to PC device where server components are installed

15 Configuring DVRs – cont. Define properties including type, IP, and message cutoff

16 Configuring DVRs – cont. Add cameras with appropriate names Presets can be named

17 Configuring DVRs – cont. Messages from the DVR show the status

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