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1 HEM @ HyperElectronicsMappers
@ Central Monitoring, Control, & Management Software

2 Features HEM @ Monitor/control all front-end (DVR) devices in PC stations @ Backup/playback video/audio in PC stations @ User-friendly Hyper Electronics Maps @ Ease of use @ Safety & security

3 Features (1) HEM @ Monitor/control all front-end (DVR) devices in PC stations Remote monitoring, control, and management for virtually unlimited number of front-end surveillance devices such as DVRs Bidirectional audio capabilities Remote video, audio, and alarm input monitoring Remote alarm output control Remote PTZ control Remote (DVR) device setup & software uprade Remote alarm notification

4 Features (2) HEM @ Backup/playback video/audio in PC stations
Remote playback of recorded video/audio in front-end (DVR) devices and FTP server Backup live/recorded video/audio of front-end devices in local HDD Play video/audio stored in local HDD Print live or recorded video

5 Features (3) HEM @ User-friendly Hyper Electronics Maps
Open system architecture - OCX Custom-made electronics maps for different surveillance requirements Unlimited levels of maps – hyper link Support versatile dynamic map objects, such as camera, alarm input, alarm output, action button, front-end (DVR) device, and map Simultaneous monitoring/control of different front-end (DVR) devices in a single map Virtually unlimited number of objects in a map

6 Features (4) HEM @ Ease of use
Single device view same as the split window display in Internet Explorer or via hyper electronics map Multiple device view via hyper electronics map Single mouse click to view any hyper electronics map Remote alarm notification to display hyper electronics map Sequential display for hyper electronics maps and cameras System provided bitmaps and icons for each object The bitmaps and icons for each object can be tailored Auto-run for user-defined entry map Password protection can be enabled/disabled by the user

7 Features (5) HEM @ Safety & Security
Protection key to access front-end (DVR) devices Password to access front-end (DVR) devices Two-level of Password to enter HEM

8 HEM Screen with video, alarm input, alarm output, & map
Alarm output object Link to non-top-level map Moveable Camera object 2-D map Camera object Alarm input object

9 HEM Screen – Electronics map with map list
Alarm input object Camera of DVR1 Camera of DVR2 HEM map list for ease of access – click to show new map.

10 HEM Screen – split window display

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