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Introduction to ViconNet

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1 Introduction to ViconNet
Digital Video Management Systems

2 What is ViconNet? Fully integrated, network-based digital video management system Control and view all live and archived video from any IP enabled PC running Windows XP Use in single locations to enterprise-scale installations Expandable, accessible, secure

3 Government Facilities, Transportation & Corrections
Who Uses ViconNet? Customers of all sizes across all vertical markets Government Facilities, Transportation & Corrections NYC Transit Authority Federal Bureau of Prisons Washington DC Monuments Park United States Postal Service US Customs and Border Patrol Airports JFK International Airport San Diego International Airport Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport Gaming, Banking & Retail Harrah’s Casino, New Orleans Federal Reserve Bank GAP Stores Schools, Universities & Medical Facilities University of Nebraska Cypress-Fairbanks School District Palmetto Health Baptist Med Center Manufacturing & Corporate Facilitates IBM Adobe Dow Jones

4 Components of a ViconNet System
Cameras Edge Devices (encoders/decoders) NVRs DVRs Display Options The video management software that ties it all together!

5 Added Value thru Integration
ViconNet integrates with various access control software Hirsch, Lenel, DSX and others ViconNet VI adds video analytics functions Other partnerships in the works

6 DVR, IP and Hybrid Solutions
Smaller systems with analog cameras and DVR(s) Kollecter Elite can serve as “hub” Enterprise scale IP systems Can connect locations globally Cost effective; makes use of existing network Potential for unlimited expansion Hybrid systems Integrates analog and IP equipment Common choice for upgrading older DVR-based systems

7 The Future is IP Predicted 50% increase in market share of IP-based surveillance systems by 2010* IP Cameras 10% market share in 2005** Predicted 40% market share in 2009** “IP Camera will be the next mainstream product in the monitoring market.” ** *2007 BICSI Spring Conference; Video Security and Surveillance Applications **2006 IMS Research Report

8 ViconNet 5.0 – Open Platform
Logical progression for ViconNet Will allow integration with 3rd party IP cameras and edge devices Mix and match cameras within one installation Support for legacy 3rd party IP cameras within a ViconNet system Opens previously closed doors to a ViconNet solution

9 Support for These Manufacturers and Others…

10 ViconNet 5.0 Viewing Options
PC based interface for viewing up to 16 cameras New 16:9 option for PC interface New PC-based viewer that provides live views of up to 64 cameras over monitors (now available for ViconNet 4) Virtual Matrix compatibility

11 Support for Megapixel Cameras
ViconNet 5.0 will initially support cameras from ACTi, Arecont Vision and IQinvision with more to come Vicon will be introducing a megapixel camera Will support cameras ranging from 1.3 to 12 megapixels

12 Megapixel Camera Advantages
Increased zoom capability Wider range of view from a single camera Multi-lens cameras can be used in place of PTZ, providing 360o coverage Ideal for monitoring large areas Allows for fewer cameras per installation

13 Megapixel Camera Considerations
Require massive storage Storage requirements increase with resolution Will affect choice of storage hardware Require massive bandwidth Will vary by resolution, frame rate and compression Many bandwidth calculators available online from megapixel camera manufacturers

14 Fully Integrated Video Analytics
Analyze and respond to alarm conditions from within the ViconNet interface Separate detections may be set for each camera Allows for automated responses to alarms Easy call-up of video corresponding to the alarm


16 Additional 5.0 features 16:9 version of ViconNet GUI for use on widescreen monitors Maps for Virtual Matrix Controller

17 ViconNet 5.0 - Open Platform
Release planned for Fall 2008 Specs available this summer Software Enhancement Packages available now; make sense for any customer planning to upgrade 20% savings for existing 4.0 customers 60% savings for new customers!

18 Introduction to ViconNet
Digital Video Management Systems

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