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Digital video security systems 2 Multi-functional CCTV Management System The Most Complete Integrated Digital CCTV Management System.

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2 Digital video security systems

3 2 Multi-functional CCTV Management System The Most Complete Integrated Digital CCTV Management System

4 3 All In One Solution

5 4 Awards Winner European Association of Security Equipment Manufacturers, presented the “European Security Industry Innovation Award” at the International Fire & Security Exhibition (IFSEC) Birmingham UK “Achievement in Security and Innovation" by MIPS (Moscow International Trade Show) Portuguese security exhibition in Lisbon, the DigiEye has been selected for exhibition in the special area reserved as “The Most Innovative Products"

6 5 “N-plex Operation” Recording on hard disk Recording on DAT Local Playback or Local Backup Statistic Computation Remote Playback and/or Video Transmission and/or Sequences Transfer HTTP for images Download Sequences via HTTP

7 6 Digital Video Recording

8 7 Intelligent Motion Detection

9 8 Image Enhancement and Processing

10 9 Graphical Mapping

11 10 Scheduler/ Calendar Designed for completely unattended operation: 24 hours a day Scheduler for time/date and event driven activities and recording parameters.

12 11 Multi-Vendor PTZ/Dome Control 16 preset position Manageable remotely over PSTN, ISDN or Ethernet LAN/WAN, PC center and WWW Browser

13 12 Video Transmission and Full Remote Management - Live Images, Pre-record Images Anywhere, Anytime

14 13 SMS Messaging & E-mail Alarm Notification Send an Short Message to your Mobile phone when the alarm is triggered. Instant notification on alarm event for you to take immediate action. It is possible to put the e-mail into the center call list to have either the e-mail notification and the alarmed call to the primary and secondary center

15 14 Digital Inputs and Outputs Management DigiEye is designed to provide the most integration with the digital inputs and outputs. Up to 24 inputs and 24 outputs Inputs: Access control, point of sales, sensors, ect. Outputs: Buzzers, alarm, light, call center, siren, ect.

16 15 Other Key Features Complete user login accounting System log management Statistic Computation Complete Watch-dog device Masking of cameras DigiEye HTTP server Streaming Video on PC Multi-Level & Multi-User password protection Multiple communication lines management System auto recovery after power failure System integration compatibility

17 16 Benefits No more tape management problems Reduced false alarm costs and calls Minimal maintenance Reduce man guarding and personnel risks Minimal training needed No need for costly trips to remote sites Totally unmanned operations Unrivalled maximum disk recording time with DELTA technology Access the sites from any standard PC

18 17 Benefits Achieve major saving in all phases of : Design Installation Commissioning Operation Maintenance Upgrades Integration

19 18 Communications

20 19 Complete Video Centralization and Security Management system Full remote management Centralization adapted to multiple communication media and protocols  PSTN/POTS  ISDN  Cellular phone  Ethernet (LAN/WAN, TCP/IP and router technology)  Direct serial connections  Wireless transmission and others

21 20 Remote Guard Tours Remote Playback Local Playback Windows Support Software Modules download Global Scan Complete User Accounting System Log Management Remote Multi-vendor PTZ/Dome control Remote configuration from center Alarm Call-In Processing & Logging Multiple communication lines management Center

22 21 We Build Networked CCTV DigiEye’s capability to exploit TCP/IP and router technology make it the ideal solution in the global environment, where IP networks connect companies’ computers and locations through LAN’s and WAN’s. DigiEye can be connected to any mixture of LAN’s and WAN’s interconnected by IP routers, The IP routing allows seamless interconnection over heterogeneous networks. Thus, DigiEye Centralization implements a “Virtual Matrix” without limitation in the number of inputs, outputs and in the physical distance with the camera making the potential savings in cabling and labour.

23 22 Global Networked CCTV

24 23 Intelligent Integrated Management System

25 24 System Integration Technology Lifts Power Lighting HVAC Access Control Alarm Fire Smoke CCTV System

26 25 The Trend: Integration Technology. From a single keyboard the entire IBMS can be controlled, including CCTV. Upon an alarm, the floor layout can pinpoint the exact location of the alarm by flashing lights and the image from the local camera can be displayed in a window in the same computer screen. The use of Graphical Display (GUI) and mouse (point and click) makes the system operation very user friendly. Even the building management system, fire alarm system can be controlled from the same terminal. By using standard networking techniques, like LAN or WAN, the security system can be controlled by any terminal in the network

27 26 Integrated Solution

28 27 Integrated Solution

29 28

30 29

31 30 Thank you

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