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WEBs-AX Building Security & Automation

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1 WEBs-AX Building Security & Automation
Video CCTV Integration 2012

2 WEBs-AX Video Integration
WEBs-AX Video Integration consists of Drivers that enable Camera and DVR Integration with WEBs-AX systems. Quick-click lookup for Video Events – Unique Feature that saves time when searching video playback Video Events may be attached to any system alarm – HVAC, ACCESS, SECURITY, Open Systems Scaleable License as few as 4 cameras Unlimited camera capacity on WEBsStation-AX and Enterprise Security Video Integration on a Scaleable System 2 2

3 Bi-directional Alarm Interface
Vykon Video Technical Details Bi-directional Alarm Interface Alarms from Access/HVAC system can initiate events in video system Automatically position camera using Pan-Tilt-Zoom features to presets and begin recording at specified frame rate Create DVR event record, records in protected video alarm database Video Alarms can initiate control logic sequences Alarms are acted upon and processed as standard Niagara alarms Alarms from Video devices (pixel motion detection, loss of video, camera failure, etc) can be assigned as standard Niagara alarms Reduce Equipment cost – same devices with multiple uses Bi-directional alarming is an important feature of integrated video. This functionality allows the video system to act as an integral part of the Building Automation System. For example, you can set up an alarm on the access or security system to adjust a camera to a preset and increase the recording rate. Maybe you’d set this up if someone tries to use a lost or invalid card. Or you could have a critical HVAC alarm to the same thing. When these alarms are viewed on the alarm summary page, the associated video clip can be easily accessed for viewing. On the flip side, many cameras and DVRs detect motion, and these alarms can be sent to the automation system for alarm viewing or maybe to turn on lights or sirens, or the alarm to a remote location. The best feature of all is that WEBs Video allows the building operator to use a single user-friendly interface to run their building which reduces training time, equipment costs and increases operator productivity.

4 WEBs Security – Video Integration

5 Honeywell Systems Product Overview
DVRs (Rapideye) Analog Cameras IP Cameras Accessories

6 RapidEye Family Up to 8 channels of Active Alert video analytics
Good Better Best Up to 8 channels of Active Alert video analytics Analytics operative on analog cameras only. RapidEye Hybrid with Video Analytics Hybrid – up to 16 channels of IP or Analog 16 Control Outputs, 16 Alarm Inputs 8 serial ports RapidEye Hybrid Features Hardware • Hybrid support for up to a combined total of 16 channels of analog and IP cameras • IP camera support for up to four EQUIP® v2 and/or HD3 or HD4 IP cameras with local UI turned on, and a maximum of 16 IP channels with local UI turned off • Real-time recording rates (NTSC/PAL) • Up to 4CIF analog camera recording and/or viewing resolution • IP camera maximum recording and viewing resolution is 1280x720 (HD) • Live viewing using LocalView • DVD-RW drive for local clip generation • 16 looping video inputs • Dual audio channels (Bi-directional and VoIP) • 16 alarm inputs, 8 control outputs, 8 serial ports • Four field-replaceable/removable hard drive trays • LINUX – secure, stable multi-tasking real-time OS • Two front panel USB ports for quick and easy access Software • Analog camera resolutions: selectable independently per camera for live and recording • IP camera resolutions: selectable per camera, live and recording resolutions are the same • Event-driven response recording • TCP/IP port forwarding –multiple units share an IP address • DHCP (requires DHCP Server and WINS/DNS services) • SNTP client automatically synchronizes to SNTP servers • RapidSearch™ for video evidence by events, data, motion or alarm • IntelliBus™ protocol support Analog only - 4 and 8 channel systems 4 Control Outputs, 4/8 Alarm Inputs 2 serial ports Hybrid to be released in Q3 RapidEye Lite

7 Rapideye Video Recording Solution
Engineered and manufactured by Honeywell Well established product with strong sales history LINUX operating system – stable and secure Low bandwidth (even comes with dial-up modem) Hybrid IP and analog Alarm inputs and control outputs Serial ports Analog PTZ control, Point of Sale and /or ATM Audio channels Local “spot monitor” Heartbeat relay (for system supervision) Integrated to Niagara via JACE

8 Analog Cameras Acuix™ HD3 / HD4 Series Performance Series Best Better
Good Better Best Acuix™ HD3 / HD4 Series Performance Series

9 IP Cameras Acuix™ IP H.264 Series: HD3MDIH HD4MDIH HCD5MIH
Good Better Best Acuix™ IP H.264 Series: HD3MDIH HD4MDIH HCD5MIH HD3MDIP / HD4MDIP

10 WEBs-AX Video Technical Details
Niagara Video is a Driver specific to a given manufacturer’s devices Separate Drivers are available for WEBS-AX Supervisor & SEC-H-600/WEB-600 Applications Functionality is identical, capacity different Drivers Honeywell Rapid Eye Dedicated Micros Inc. NetVu Connected DVRs Axis IP Network Cameras Axis Drivers support live viewing and control, not recording

11 WEBs-AX Video - Configuration
Set up the video system to act upon Niagara alarms Drop the Video Alarm Recipient onto the Alarm Service Connect the Video Alarm Recipient to the desired alarm class.

12 WEBs-AX Video - Configuration
Drop Video Widgets onto graphics

13 Re-task Video on Alarm/Event
Freeze Alarm = Look to Ceiling Water Night = Look to Restroom Door Intruder in Frame = Turn on All Lights

14 Data Integrated Video

15 Boiler 180.6 Deg Burner On Fuel=Oil

16 Transformer Vault 84.6 Deg IN=13,804 V OUT=480 V IN=13,804 V 138 Deg

17 Print Badge

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