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WEBs-AX Building Security & Automation 2012 Video CCTV Integration.

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1 WEBs-AX Building Security & Automation 2012 Video CCTV Integration

2 2 WEBs-AX Video Integration WEBs-AX Video Integration consists of Drivers that enable Camera and DVR Integration with WEBs-AX systems. Quick-click lookup for Video Events – Unique Feature that saves time when searching video playback Video Events may be attached to any system alarm – HVAC, ACCESS, SECURITY, Open Systems Scaleable - License as few as 4 cameras - Unlimited camera capacity on WEBsStation-AX and Enterprise Security Video Integration on a Scaleable System

3 3 WEBs-AX Security Bi-directional Alarm Interface Alarms from Access/HVAC system can initiate events in video system - Automatically position camera using Pan-Tilt-Zoom features to presets and begin recording at specified frame rate - Create DVR event record, records in protected video alarm database Video Alarms can initiate control logic sequences - Alarms are acted upon and processed as standard Niagara alarms Alarms from Video devices (pixel motion detection, loss of video, camera failure, etc) can be assigned as standard Niagara alarms - Reduce Equipment cost – same devices with multiple uses Vykon Video Technical Details

4 WEBs AX Security WEBs Security – Video Integration

5 WEBs AX Security Honeywell Systems Product Overview DVRs (Rapideye) Analog Cameras IP Cameras Accessories

6 WEBs AX Security RapidEye Family Good Better Best RapidEye Lite Analog only - 4 and 8 channel systems 4 Control Outputs, 4/8 Alarm Inputs 2 serial ports Hybrid to be released in Q3 RapidEye Hybrid with Video Analytics Hybrid – up to 16 channels of IP or Analog 16 Control Outputs, 16 Alarm Inputs 8 serial ports Up to 8 channels of Active Alert video analytics Analytics operative on analog cameras only.

7 WEBs AX Security Rapideye Video Recording Solution Engineered and manufactured by Honeywell Well established product with strong sales history LINUX operating system – stable and secure Low bandwidth (even comes with dial-up modem) Hybrid IP and analog Alarm inputs and control outputs Serial ports - Analog PTZ control, Point of Sale and /or ATM Audio channels Local spot monitor Heartbeat relay (for system supervision) Integrated to Niagara via JACE

8 WEBs AX Security Analog Cameras HD3 / HD4 Series Performance Series Acuix Good Better Best

9 WEBs AX Security IP Cameras HD3MDIP / HD4MDIP Acuix IP H.264 Series: HD3MDIH HD4MDIH HCD5MIH Good Better Best

10 10 WEBs-AX Video Technical Details Niagara Video is a Driver specific to a given manufacturers devices Separate Drivers are available for WEBS-AX Supervisor & SEC-H-600/WEB-600 Applications - Functionality is identical, capacity different Drivers - Honeywell Rapid Eye - Dedicated Micros Inc. NetVu Connected DVRs - Axis IP Network Cameras Axis Drivers support live viewing and control, not recording

11 11 WEBs-AX Video - Configuration Set up the video system to act upon Niagara alarms - Drop the Video Alarm Recipient onto the Alarm Service - Connect the Video Alarm Recipient to the desired alarm class.

12 12 WEBs-AX Video - Configuration Drop Video Widgets onto graphics

13 13 Re-task Video on Alarm/Event Freeze Alarm = Look to Ceiling Water Night = Look to Restroom Door Intruder in Frame = Turn on All Lights

14 14 Data Integrated Video

15 15 Boiler Burner On Deg Fuel=Oil

16 16 Transformer Vault IN=13,804 V OUT=480 V 138 Deg IN=13,804 V OUT=480 V 138 Deg 84.6 Deg

17 17 Print Badge

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