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System Startup Configuring APACS & AAN Controllers.

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1 System Startup Configuring APACS & AAN Controllers

2 Getting Going…

3 Connect Controller Connect power to the controller – 12V ~1A Connect the controller to the network – Use a network switch or crossover cable Ethernet Switch AAN-100 APACS PC

4 Check Operation When everything is connected correctly, check the LEDs to confirm proper operation

5 Program the IP Address InitAAN utility to program Ping to confirm

6 Connect Reader Interface Connect the AIM-4SL reader interface to the first communication port – Use crossover wiring (T>R, R>T) – Set address of AIM-4SL with DIP switch

7 Connect Reader Follow reader instructions to connect wires for power, comms and LEDs/buzzer

8 Install Software Install from CD or download package from Apollo Website A key is required to use APACS – Hardware key – USB dongle that plugs into the PC – Software key – A file that is downloaded from Apollos website after providing an activation code. Save the file in the APACS install directory.

9 System Configuration Launch System Configuration – Default user/password: 1/1 Add PC – Right-click system tree: Add – Number isnt needed – IP Address of local PC, use numeric address or name

10 System Configuration Add the controller to the PC – Network communication type Set IP Address in Communication Settings

11 Add Reader Add the reader to the controller – The first reader on an AIM-4SL is always master (matches number on DIP switch) – Select proper Port and Address – If you dont have a door contact connected yet, go to hardware menu and unselect door contact control

12 Config Check Your system tree should now look like this:

13 Permissions Assign permissions to the default permissions set: 1 – Make sure Message and Control permissions are granted for all objects

14 Check Global Settings Make sure global settings are correct for the system – Click on root of system tree Save configuration

15 Start Communication Launch Alarm Mode – If messages are displayed for Online then configuration is correct. Also check with Hardware Status

16 Test a Card Swipe a card at the reader – A message should display with the result Card Format Error or Wrong Facility Code

17 Set Card Format Change Card Format in Controller Configuration to match the cards in use – Set the bit length and facility code Save configuration and swipe the card again

18 Create Access Level Name the Access Level and then add reader/time zone – Use the system time zone Always

19 Create User & Assign Access Level Use the card number to create a new user with card and assign the AL

20 First Access Grant

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