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PC Application

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1 PC Application


3 HTTP Server DigiEye runs an integrated HTTP server that allows controlled access through the Web to any PC which running web browser as Microsoft IE or Netscape. The HTTP connection provides the following functionalities: View snaphots/ updates of snapshot Selectable camera number and multiple camera view Selectable refresh rate, image quality Manual control on Dome cameras Show active alarms Show status of the DigiEye Forcing the state of digital outputs Download recorded sequences No limit of users access at the same time

4 1. Click on the Camera Control Window

5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Select the Camera/ Multiple Camera
Select the refresh rate e.g. snapshot, updates of snapshot every 2 secs, 5 secs Select the quality of the image for display Click “Submit” Camera Window Refresh Delay Image Quality Digital I/O Window Dome Control Window Status of DigiEye : recording/ not recording Active Alarms 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


7 PTZ/ Dome Control Window

8 Digital Outputs Window


10 PC Streaming Software This Optional Software enable DELTA streaming video connection and sequence download from any of the PC. Streaming video Selectable camera number and multiple camera view Selectable quality of image Selectable resolution PTZ control of the dome camera or go to selectable presets position Show active alarms Show status of cameras on DigiEye: recording/ not recording Show digital I/O window, can reset of force output if it is not locked from remote control Single/ multiple sequence download

11 Install DigiEye PC Remote Software onto any of the standard PC
Launch the DigiEye PC Remote Program


13 Options

14 Selectable Cameras

15 Selectable Quality

16 Selectable Resolution

17 Go “connect”- “Quick Connect”
Fill in the Name, Row, Password, IP address of the DigiEye machine


19 PTZ Interface

20 DigiEye PC Player

21 PC application program (PC Appl.exe):
DigiEye PC Player PC application program (PC Appl.exe): This is a setup program that automatically install the PCPlayer and the future applications onto the hard disk of your PC This player enable you to play back any saved film from the DigiEye recording on any of the standard PC. A standard floppy disk can save up to 30 secs length of film A LS-120 disk can save up to 30 minutes worth of recording.




25 Thank you

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