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Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited SkyPoint Alarm Integration Add-On Using OnGuard Alarms to create events in SkyPoint Also called ‘SkyPoint V0’ CR4400.

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Presentation on theme: "Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited SkyPoint Alarm Integration Add-On Using OnGuard Alarms to create events in SkyPoint Also called ‘SkyPoint V0’ CR4400."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited SkyPoint Alarm Integration Add-On Using OnGuard Alarms to create events in SkyPoint Also called ‘SkyPoint V0’ CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 1

2 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Topics  Introduction and Overview  Specifications and Prerequisites  User Permissions  Installation and Configuration  SkyPoint View Application CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 2

3 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited SkyPoint Alarm Integration Add-on  Introduction Used to send OnGuard Alarms to SkyPoint so that actions/responses in the SkyPoint environment can be automated based on the alarms  Overview Configuration indicates which alarms will be sent to SkyPoint and specifies the SkyPoint Receivers (NetDVMS) to handle the events from OnGuard CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 3

4 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Specifications  This add-on should be installed on the OnGuard server Similar to other OnGuard services, the “LS_SkyPoint.AlarmService” can be installed on other servers to distribute the workload on larger systems  The minimum hardware requirements are the same for the add-on as they are for OnGuard: Pentium IV Processor 1 GB RAM DVD-ROM USB Port 1024x768 color display 6 GB of available space CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 4 Note: If the add-on is not installed on the same computer that has the DataConduIT service running, you must configure DataConduIT for use from a remote computer. For more information, refer to the DataConduIT User Guide.

5 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Prerequisites  Several prerequisites are required to support this integration OnGuard 2009 (6.3.249) Hot Fix 1 or later.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or later A DataConduIT connection (properly installed) A Windows account that has permission to connect to DataConduIT to run the integration service The following services must be running: LS DataConduIT service LS Linkage Server service LS Application Server service CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 5

6 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Configuration  Each component of the integration must be properly configured SkyPoint Alarm Integration add-on application System Administration in OnGuard system NetDVMS Administrator in SkyPoint system CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 6

7 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Users and User Permissions  Users and user permissions are managed separately from within the OnGuard and SkyPoint systems The user that handles the configuration of the alarms in System Administration must have permission in the OnGuard system to create custom alarms The user that configures/monitors the actions to be performed in SkyPoint when the alarms are received will have to have those permissions set in SkyPoint CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 7

8 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited User Access  You can simplify things by running the same user for: Access to SQL Server Single Sign-On to OnGuard LS Application Server LS DataConduIT Service LS Skypoint.AlarmService CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 8

9 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Installation  Extract file to a new directory on your hard drive SkyPointAlarmIntegration.PDF is the user manual  Double-click the setup.exe file to begin the installation Follow the prompts (standard installation options)  Open Windows Services and configure credentials for the Windows user that will run the LS SkyPoint.AlarmService  Link the Windows user running the LS_SkyPoint.AlarmService to an OnGuard user in System Administration For more information, refer to the Users Folder chapter > Users Form (Directory Accounts Sub-tab) section of the System Administration User Guide CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 9

10 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Things that should already be installed  Support for LS Application Server Service Running on Account with permission to the database  LS DataConduIT Service Running on Account with permission to the database  LS Linkage Server Configured to run from System Administration  Test if you can run Web-based AAM This will ensure your Application Service is configured properly If you cannot run Web-based AAM, refer to the OnGuard installation guide  Database Authentication for Web Applications  Configuring the Web Application Server CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 10

11 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited OnGuard Configuration  Consists of two parts: DataConduIT Source configuration Done once to setup the DataConduIT Sources OnGuard Alarm configuration Updated anytime a new OnGuard Alarm is needed CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 11 Note: See the SkyPoint Alarm Integration guide for more information on OnGuard configuration.

12 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited DataConduIT Source Configuration  From the Additional Hardware menu, select DataConduIT Sources On the DataConduIT Sources tab, add a new DataConduIT source. On the DataConduIT Devices tab, add a new DataConduIT device. On the DataConduIT Sub-Devices tab, add a new DataConduIT sub-device. CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 12 Note: The names of the DataConduIT source, device, and sub-device can be anything you choose, however these names must also be used during the add-on configuration.

13 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited OnGuard Alarm Configuration  OnGuard Alarms that will be passed to SkyPoint require a ‘suffix’ be added to the alarm name This means you can create new custom alarms (recommended) or modify an existing alarm Make sure the ‘suffix’ appears in the alarm name Restart the LS DataConduIT service after alarm configuration is complete CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 13 Note: The LS DataConduIT service must be restarted whenever alarms are added or modified. Note: This suffix can be anything as long as it is used consistently and entered during the add-on configuration.

14 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited SkyPoint Integration (SkyPoint.View.exe) CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 14 SkyPoint Administration Application  Log in using a valid OnGuard user account Be patient, the directory window takes a few extra seconds to fill initially

15 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Administration Application CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 15

16 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Configuration CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 16

17 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited  On the Configuration tab, configure the following options: Select the ‘Debug’ check box if you want to include debug messages in the log file Select the ‘Encrypt Configuration’ check box if you want to encrypt the configuration file when it is saved  The Custom Alarm Suffix field specifies the suffix that will be used to indicate which OnGuard alarms should be sent to SkyPoint Select the ‘Remove Suffix From SkyPoint Alarm’ check box if you do not want the suffix to be displayed in SkyPoint CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0)’ 17

18 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited  The Custom Alarm Database Check tells the system to go beyond alarms containing the suffix, and select any custom alarms in the OnGuard System Custom Alarms are defined as alarms whose database ID starts at 100000 CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 18

19 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited  Custom Alarm Database Check tells the system to select any custom alarms in the OnGuard System ‘Custom’ Alarms are alarms whose database ID starts at 100000  The Database Connection String is used to connect to the database Use the Event age field to specify the time to wait before sending another query to the database to see if an event exists in the system CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 19 Note: There is a delay between when the DataConduIT gets the event and the event appears in the database.

20 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Alarms Table in SQL CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 20

21 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited DataConduIT Credentials  Server, Username, and Password Configure the following options: Only if the LS DataConduIT service is running on a different computer, specify the location of the service in the Server field and the credentials for the service in the Username and Password fields If the service is running on the local computer and using an account linked to an OnGuard user these fields MUST be left blank.  Specify the DataConduIT source, device, and sub-device with the same names as those configured in OnGuard CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 21

22 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 22

23 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited  On the Events Export tab: Click [Build Events] Save Events.ini Browse to the NetDVMS directory on the Receiver  If you save over the original file, the new events will append  Delete and Replace to start with a new file CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 23 NOTE: A Database Connection String is required to perform the Event Build function

24 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited SkyPoint Receiver Configuration  SkyPoint Receivers configure the NetDVMS recorder targets for the OnGuard alarms On the Receiver Details tab, click [+] to create a new entry Each receiver requires a Name, IP Address, and Port Repeat this step for each additional SkyPoint receiver you want to add CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 24 The ‘Port’ MUST match the Alert Port configured on the NetDVMS Recorder Default = 1234

25 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited  Once the configuration is complete, start the LS SkyPoint AlarmService CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 25 Note: The LS DataConduIT and LS SkyPoint AlarmService must be restarted whenever a change is made to the configuration or whenever custom alarms are added to OnGuard

26 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited NetDVMS Administrator Event Configuration  Make sure the Events.ini file created in the SkyPoint Integration application is in the NetDVMS installation folder  Configure actions in NetDVMS Administrator for SkyPoint to perform when OnGuard alarms are received Start NetDVMS Administrator Click [Generic Events] OnGuard events should appear in the listing window.  Note: Refer to the NetDVMS documentation for more information on configuring alarms to push video. CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 26

27 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 27

28 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited SkyPoint Push Monitor Configuration  Configure a layout for the SkyPoint client that includes push monitor cells If you create multiple cells in the same view/layout, they will all use the same port/password values CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 28 Note: For more information, refer to the SkyPoint documentation

29 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited  All needed services should be Started and Automatic Default settings are below CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 29

30 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Log Files  There are two log files that may be available if there are issues: SkyPoint.AlarmService.log Details the performance of the service In debug mode this file gets large very quickly SkyPoint.View.log Records issues with the View Application  Both files are located in the logs directory “C:\Program Files\OnGuard\logs” directory Unless they have been specifically moved CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 30

31 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited SkyPoint.View.exe.config  If you have not encrypted the configuration file, you can view it in the install directory The ‘endpoint address’ needs to be set to the IDVM server location Change the IP to be the IP of the IDVM web Server CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 31

32 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Each time you add NEW Alarms  After the initial configuration is finished you may want to add additional events to the SkyPoint Receiver  The following steps should be used to add additional events In System Administration, configure a new custom alarm or modify an existing alarm Include the SkyPoint suffix defined in the SkyPoint Administration application. Restart the LS DataConduIT and LS SkyPoint AlarmService services In the SkyPoint Administrator application, build the Events.ini file and save it to the NetDVMS Recorder In the NetDVMS Administrator, configure actions for SkyPoint to perform when the OnGuard alarms are received CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 32

33 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Troubleshooting  If you experience issues using the SkyPoint Administrator application: Verify that the LS DataConduIT, LS Linkage Server, LS Application Server, and LS SkyPoint AlarmService services are running Check the connection to the Application Server Try running the LS DataConduIT and LS SkyPoint AlarmService services with the same account Check the SkyPoint.AlarmService.log and SkyPoint.View.log files for errors These files are located by default at C:\Program Files\OnGuard\logs\ CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 33

34 Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited The End Thank you for your time! CR4400 - M00.00 (SkyPoint V0) 34

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