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Faraz A. phy.htm https://jspivey.wik fucianism+Jin,+E mily+and+Soobin https://humanities-7th-

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1 Faraz A. http://www.f phy.htm https://jspivey.wik fucianism+Jin,+E mily+and+Soobin https://humanities-7th- alism

2 Who Was Confucius and what was his 5 basic relations? Confucius was the most famous philosopher and teacher in Chinese history. He also was a government official He greatly influenced politics in China The 5 basic relations are ruler and subject, Father and son, elder brother and younger brother, husband and wife, and friend and friend.

3 What was China like During His Life? How should people act in those basic relations? In ancient China there was disorder and the lords fought for power. It was a time when China was being sliced into feudal states by the warlord who raised armies, waged battles, exploited slave laborers, and heavily taxed people. Basic relations being nice to the subjects, father son, elder and younger brother, husband and wife, and friend and friend.

4 What Influence Did Confucius have on The Chinese Government? Because of the influence of Confucius, civil servants under the Han were hired on the basis of their ability. Before being hired, they were expected to know the Chinese classic in detail.

5 Daoism: Who was Laozi? Laozi was an author of a book and a Philosopher. He was also an advisor to the Zhou court. He was known as one of the three pure ones. He is a central figure in Chinese history.

6 According to Daoism, how should people behave? People should behave by gaining happiness and peace by living in harmony, or agreement, with the way of nature. Taoist believed in immortality, or eternal life.

7 What are Yin and Yang? According to Taoists, how should rulers behave? Yin means “shadowed” and yang means “sunlit”. In the same way, human life is a whole made up of opposites. Its is impossible to have good without bad, beauty without ugliness, or pleasure without pain. Rulers should behave by living naturally and following the Dao. In Daoism the best rulers were those who ruled the least.

8 Legalism: Who was Hanfeizi? Hanfeizi was a loyal prince of the royal family of the state of Han. Hanfeizi lived to see the end of the warring states period and of the Zhou dynasty. He was very concerned with creating peace and order in society. But he did not think the Confucian teachings about proper behavior were the answer.

9 According to Hanfeizi, what was the only way to create a strong society? There would be strict laws and enforce them with rewards for good behavior and harsh punishment for bad behavior. Civil servants would be watched carefully and punished for doing a poor job. People caught criticizing the government should be banished to Chinas far northern frontier.

10 How did Hanfeizi believe a ruler should govern? Hanfeizi believed rulers should govern with strict laws and harsh rules, rulers couldn’t trust anyone not even their own family. Rulers should have absolute power over the military. Rulers were frequently overthrown so Hanfeizi set rules.

11 How did the Qin dynasty apply the teachings of Hanfeizi? Qin rulers admired Hanfeizi and they wanted a strong central government. They also wanted a well organized society. Strict legalist ideas. People were forbidden to criticize the government. Anyone caught doing would be severely punished. Many were put to death for disloyalty and other crimes.

12 Conclusion Confucius taught peace and order depended on proper behavior. Taoists believed that people should live simply and in harmony with people. Legalist believed that people were driven their own self interest, rulers could create order only through strict laws and harsh punishment.

13 Links to an Outside Source u/confucius. (Confucianism) u/confucius. (Daoism) c/334895/Legalism (Legalism) c/334895/Legalism

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