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By: Max C, Louie N mgurl=http

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1 By: Max C, Louie N mgurl=http

2  Philosopher  Wanted a peaceful society  Civil wars were going on  Born in 551 BCE  Died in 479 BCE  Born in state of Lu Click Above

3  Five relationships, ruler and subject, husband and wife, father and son, older sibling and younger sibling friend and friend  Confucius said, “Do not do to others what you would not want done to you. ”  Set his heart on learning at 15

4  Respect and obey those above them  People with authority set examples  Should be kind, honest, wise and faithful  Civil servants were hired for their abilities  Expected to know Chinese classics  Teachings of Confucius major influences on Chinese history

5 Laozi  Philosopher  Do nothing overtly  Natural consequences  Author of Dao De Jing  Lived in late 500s

6  Yin means “shadow”  Yang means “sunlit” Rulers Behavior  Live in harmony  Nature full of opposites to Daoists http:// http:// content/uploads/2010/08/YinYang1.gif&imgrefurl=

7 Hanfeizi  Philosopher  Lived from 280 to 233 BCE  Prince of royal family

8 Hanfeizi  Based on selfish people  Rewards for good behavior  Punishment for bad behavior

9 Hanfeizi  Enforce strict laws  Rulers have absolute power  Hanfeizi said, “He who trusts will be controlled by others  Qin dynasty built strong government  Qin dynasty adopted strict laws

10  Frey, Wendy, John Bergez, and Amy Joseph. "Three Chinese Philosophies."

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