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1. The more…, the more…. 2. S + would rather + V 1 …than + V 2 …. V 2 ….

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1 1. The more…, the more…. 2. S + would rather + V 1 …than + V 2 …. V 2 ….

2 The more…, the more…. 1. The fatter you were, the more attractive you 形容詞比較級 形容詞比較級 were considered to be. 2. The sooner we begin our work, the faster we’ll 副詞比較級 副詞比較級 get it done. 3. The more exposure to the sun skin has, the more the more + 名詞 the more + 名詞 wrinkles it forms.

3 4. The harder Jeff studied, the better his grades 副詞比較級 副詞比較級 became. A. 根據句型及提示字,完成。第一題為範例。 1. The more balanced (balanced) your diet is, the healthier (healthy) you will be.

4 2. _____________ (much) money Peggy makes, __________________ (comfortable) her life will become. 3. ______________ (much) fast food you eat, _____________ (soon) you will become fat. 4. ________________ (much) milk I drink, ______________ (strong) and _______ (tall) I will grow. 5. It is not always true that ____________ (slim) you are, ___________ (pretty) you will be. The more the more comfortable The more the sooner The more the stronger taller the slimmer the prettier

5 B. 根據句型及提示字來完成下面的句子。第一題 為範例。 1. Although Eddie is overweight, he often eats fast food. The more hamburgers he eats (many/hamburgers/he/eat), the fatter he becomes. 2. It is starting to rain. Mrs. Brown is worried about her son because he forgot to take an umbrella to school this morning. The more heavily it rains, _______________________ (worried/she/gets). the more worried she gets

6 3. Sue believes that eating apples helps her keep healthy. The more apples she eats, ________________________ (healthy/she/ become). 4. We climbed Mt. Ali yesterday. ____________________ (high/we/climb), ___________________ (good/views/we/have). 5. Jenny likes to go shopping in the department store whenever it has a big sale. ___________ (cheap/the clothes/are), _________________ (much/money/she/spend). the healthier she becomes The higher we climbed the better views we had The cheaper the clothes are the more money she spends

7 S + would rather + V 1 …than + V 2 …. 1. Even some people would rather have a poison, called Botox, injected into their faces than have wrinkles. 2. The boy would rather play basketball than (play) baseball after school.

8 A. 根據句型,改寫下面的句子。第一題 為範例。 1. Johnny preferred standing to sitting on the bus. Johnny would rather stand than sit on the bus. 2. Nina prefers watching DVDs at home to going to the movies. __________________________________ Nina would rather watch DVDs at home than go to the movies.

9 3. We preferred going to the beach to going camping in the mountains. __________________________________ 4. Mike prefers playing basketball with his friends to going shopping with his mother. __________________________________ 5. Sally prefers having dinner in a restaurant to cooking at home. __________________________________ We would rather go to the beach than go camping in the mountains. Mike would rather play basketball with his friends than go shopping with his mother. Sally would rather have dinner in a restaurant than cook at home.

10 B. 根據句型和提示字,並配合左邊的圖片 回答下列的問題。第一題為範例 。 1. Which activity does Debby prefer to do on Sunday mornings—go swimming or sleep until noon? → She would rather go swimming than sleep until noon on Sunday mornings.

11 He would rather study English than (study) history every day. 2. Which activity does Jimmy prefer to do when he has free time—jog in the park or watch TV at home? ___________________________ 3. Which subject does Tim prefer to study every day—English or history? ____________________________ He would rather jog in the park than watch TV at home when he has free time.

12 4. Which skin color would Jenny prefer to have—tanned skin or pale skin? ___________________________ 5. Which does Anne prefer to do— eat a balanced diet to stay healthy or starve herself to stay slim? ____________________________ She would rather have tanned skin than (have) pale skin. She would rather eat a balanced diet to stay healthy than starve herself to stay slim. 結束放映

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