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1. S (+ Aux) + be + Vpp 2. It seems that + S + V…. → S + seem(s) to + V….

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1 1. S (+ Aux) + be + Vpp 2. It seems that + S + V…. → S + seem(s) to + V….

2 1. S (+ Aux) + be + Vpp They are sometimes called “urban legends.” Many people are tricked by these urban legends. I was invited to Sam’s birthday party last Sunday. Jack’s homework will be finished in two days. The work must be done soon.

3 Let’s Try!! A. 根據提示字與圖片,使用被動語態來 完成句子。第一題為範例。 1. Last night, the man ________________ (take) away by the police. was taken

4 2. If you tell lies, you will ___________________ (punish). be punished 3. The people on the plane ___________________ (bother) by the crying baby last night. were bothered

5 4. A lot of computers _______________ (use) in our school now. are used 5. We all wanted to eat the cake, so it __________________ (divide) into six pieces. was divided

6 B. 根據問題與提示字作答。第一題為 範例。 1. A: This is really an old house! B: Yes. ____________________. (it/build/in 1950) It was built in 1950

7 3. A: The problem is very serious now. B: Yes, something _____________ (must/do) before the problem gets worse. 2. A: Last Friday, a fire broke out in the famous pub. B: Jesus! __________________ (anyone/hurt) Was anyone hurt? must be done

8 4. A: There is little traffic on the road. It is great! B: This is because the road ____________________ (not/use/ very/often) in the area. is not used very often 5. A: You are not looking well. What happened? B: I didn’t sleep well last night. I _________________________ (wake up/a big noise) during the night. was woken up by a big noise

9 2. It seems that + S + V…. → S + seem(s) to + V…. It seems that the stories from e-mail are real. → The stories from e-mail seem to be real. It seems that Jennifer likes Mr. Johnson very much. → Jennifer seems to like Mr. Johnson very much.

10 A. 根據上面的句型,改寫下面的句子。 第一題為範例。 Let’s Try!! 1. It seems that your ideas are right. → __________________________ Your ideas seem to be right.

11 2. It seems that Mr. Huang goes swimming every day. → _____________________________ ________________________________ Mr. Huang seems to go swimming every day. 3. It seems that Linda likes cooking. → _____________________________ Linda seems to like cooking.

12 4. It seems that the old woman is rich. → ____________________________ The old woman seems to be rich. 5. It seems that a lot of people love the performance very much. → ___________________________ ______________________________ A lot of people seem to love the performance very much.

13 B. Teddy 有三個好朋友,各有各的特色。 請用上面句型與下文之提示字描述他 及這三個好朋友的性格與習慣。

14 Teddy has three good friends: Maria, Steve, and Jeff. Maria is a hardworking girl. 1 It seems that she goes to the library every weekend. (it/seems/she/that/goes to the library/every weekend) Steven doesn’t study hard. 2 ________________________ ______________________ (he/play/ seems to/every day/online games) He seems to play online games every day.

15 Jeff is a careless boy. 3 _______________ _________________________________ (that/it seems/his things/loses/he/all the time) What about Teddy himself? 4 _________________________________ (seems to/he/a careful person/be) He does everything with care. It seems that he loses his things all the time. He seems to be a careful person. 結束放映

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