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Bell Ringer! How did the class as whole react to the new paper tax imposed yesterday? What are the benefits and drawbacks (positives and negatives) of.

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2 Bell Ringer! How did the class as whole react to the new paper tax imposed yesterday? What are the benefits and drawbacks (positives and negatives) of resisting a government policy you disagree with?

3 COLONIAL UNREST Causes of the American Revolution

4 Proclamation of 1763 Announcement that the land won during the French and Indian War (west of Appalachians) would be off limits! Unrest rating? Why?

5 Quartering Act Under this law, colonial governments had to provide candles, food, drinks, and a place to sleep for British soldiers stationed in their area. Many colonists believed they were there to control them, not protect them Unrest rating? Why? Can we come in?

6 Stamp Act Taxes on legal documents such as: – Wills, Diplomas, Contracts – Marriage papers – Newspapers and Almanacs – Playing Cards and Dice Unrest rating? Why?

7 STAMP ACT CONGRESS AND THE BOYCOTT! Put pressure on British Parliament to repeal, or do away with, the act “No Taxation without Representation”

8 Townshend Acts Indirect tax (collected at sea ports before the item reached the store), ships could also be searched without reason to prevent smuggling Britain placed a tax on the following: – GLASS – PAPER – LEAD – PAINT – TEA

9 The Sons and Daughters of Liberty form… Secret societies to oppose British policies Urge people to boycott British goods and stage protests Use American made products only! Founder: Sam Adams His Harvard graduation paper argued that when a law was morally wrong it is a persons responsibility to break the law!

10 Tar and Feathering

11 Trouble in Boston… w/assetGuid/844BC27D-8DBD-4025-A04F- 65608CCCEE41 w/assetGuid/844BC27D-8DBD-4025-A04F- 65608CCCEE41

12 The Boston “Massacre” Mob of colonists harass British troops, taunting them and throwing snowballs Troops opened fire on colonists, 5 died What were the effects of Sam Adams calling this a “massacre”?

13 Committees of Correspondence Letter-writing campaign, led by Sam Adams This committee, from Boston, wrote letters to other colonies in an effort to keep them informed Became very successful as a means for protest


15 Boston Tea Party Following the Boston Massacre most taxes were repealed – except one – the TEA TAX The Tea Act gave the BEIC a monopoly on the tea trade Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty sent word to the governor demanding the BEIC ships leave the harbor, but they refused. “This meeting can do nothing further to save the country!” They dressed as Native Americans and raided three British ships throwing 340 chests of tea into the harbor

16 “Boston harbor a teapot tonight! The Mohawks are come!”

17 Intolerable Acts (renamed by colonists – intolerable = harsh) Reaction to the BTP – wanted to force colonists to pay for tea and obey British rule! 1.Parliament shut down the port of Boston. No ships could enter or leave, until all of the tea was paid for. 2.Massachusetts colonists were no longer allowed to hold town meetings. 3.Customs officers would stand trial for crimes in their home land of Britain. 4.Parliament enforced the Quartering Act. Unrest rating? Why?

18 Other Colonies Support Boston The Committees of Correspondence spread the news of the Intolerable Acts to the other colonies. Colonies help Boston while the port was closed: South Carolina sent rice, Virginia sent corn, and Pennsylvania sent flour.

19 Carpenter’s Hall - Philadelphia

20 The First Continental Congress 12 of 13 colonies (no Georgia) send representatives to Philadelphia Passed a resolution backing Massachusetts Agree to full boycott of all trade with Britain Each colony encouraged to set up and begin training its own militia (citizen soldiers)

21 Lexington and Concord In 1775, British General Thomas Gage sent scouts (spies) to towns near Boston. – The scouts reported that the colonists were keeping weapons in the village of Concord. Gage decides to attack them to destroy the supplies. – He also sent troops to arrest colonial leaders

22 One if by Land, Two if by Sea The Sons of Liberty had prepared  Famous Midnight Ride by Paul Revere  Warning American Colonists that the British were on their way



25 CONCORD BRITISH MOVE ON TO CONCORD, FINDING NO WEAPONS THEY HEAD BACK TO BOSTON Colonists lined the road from Lexington to Concord and fired at the retreating British – Over 200 British soldiers are killed or wounded

26 “Shot Heard Round the World” xF4 xF4

27 Unrest-o-Meter and Response Create a bar or line graph representing your levels of colonial unrest Written response/short essay – Answer the following question: Which 3 events to you believe MOST contributed to the outbreak of war in the colonies? – Begin with a clear introduction sentence that sets up your topic and introduces your 3 events (no details yet!) – In the body give at least 1-2 details about what each event was AND why it would anger the colonists so much – End with a conclusive last sentence that sums up your main points – you may want to restate your 3 events and/or add a “lesson to learn” about why these events matter to us today.

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