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Lesson 2 Colonists Speak Out

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1 Lesson 2 Colonists Speak Out
Review for Test

2 This act put a tax on paper items
This act put a tax on paper items. Newspapers ,legal documents, and even playing cards were taxed. The Stamp Act

3 Who was the writer that disagreed with the taxes and wrote plays that accused the British leaders of being greedy? Mercy Otis Warren

4 Who was accused of treason because he told the House of Burgesses that Parliament did not represent the colonists? Patrick Henry

5 What did the colonists do to force Britain to take back the Stamp Act?
They began to Boycott British goods.

6 This group captured British tax collectors, and were a secret underground group fighting for freedom. The Sons of Liberty

7 This group wove their own cloth, also a secret group.
The Daughters of Liberty

8 This act said that Britain had “full power to make laws for the people in America”
The Declaratory Act

9 The Committees of Correspondence.
What did the colonists form to spread information between colonies more quickly? The Committees of Correspondence.

10 Who organized the first Committee of Correspondence?
Samuel Adams

11 To refuse to use, buy or purchase from.
What does boycott mean? To refuse to use, buy or purchase from.

12 What act in 1767 taxed glass, tea, paint, and paper, and set up a new group of tax collectors?
The Townshend Acts

13 The Townshend Acts were repealed, except for the tax on ______?

14 5 colonists were killed on March 5, 1770. This event is called….
The Boston Massacre

15 Who was the first person historians say was killed in the Boston Massacre?
Crispus Attucks

16 Who made a picture of the Boston Massacre?
Paul Revere

17 In 1773, Parliament passed this act that gave Britain’s East India Company a monopoly on tea.
The Tea Act

18 Describe the Boston Tea Party….what happened??
The Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and boarded British ships in Boston Harbor. They dumped tea overboard to protest the Tea Act.

19 What were the Coercive Acts?
They were a new set of laws passed to punish the Massachusetts colonists for the Boston Tea Party.

20 What is another name for the Coercive Acts?
Intolerable Acts

21 The First Continental Congress
In 1774, the first meeting of its kind occurred on the North American continent. What was this meeting called? The First Continental Congress

22 Where was this meeting held? What city?

23 The First Continental Congress sent a petition to the king reminding him that colonists had the right to_____ and______. Colonists also had the right to ___________, and the right to a _____________. life liberty assemble trial by jury

24 stop The First Continental Congress voted to _________ most trade with Britain and asked the colonies to form __________. militias

25 An army made up of citizens.
What is a militia? An army made up of citizens.

26 Who found out about General Gage’s plan to march to Lexington and Concord?
Paul Revere

27 Who did General Gage want to arrest at Lexington?
Samuel Adams and John Hancock

28 Why did General Gage send troops to Concord?
To find the Minutemen's weapons.

29 Who fired the first shot at Lexington?
No one knows????

30 What was the first shot at Lexington called?
“The shot heard ‘round the world”

31 The End Good Luck!!

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