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Interior Zones and Floor Plans you will need a book

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1 Interior Zones and Floor Plans you will need a book
This should take one full day to go over the ppt and students finish the note taking guide and worksheet. They may need one more day to complete the floor plans.

2 3 Basic Interior Zones 1 – Living and Social Area
Living room, dining room, family room, game room, great rooms, entry ways, porches, dining etc.

3 Sleeping/Private Bedroom, Bathroom, Closets and Dressing rooms.

4 Service/Work Kitchen, Garage, Office, Basement, Utility/Laundry room.

5 Color your floor plan On your note taking guide:
Color all of the living/social areas in yellow Color all of the sleeping/private areas in red Color all of the work/service areas in blue

6 Traffic or Circulation Path
The route that people follow as they move from one place to another. 3-4 Feet should be allowed for circulation paths. Types – Family, Work & Service, Guest

7 Good Family Circulation
Bathrooms should be close to bedrooms. Indoor living next to outdoor living area’s Other related rooms close to each other. High use routes should be short and simple. Closed floor plans separate rooms Open floor plans have less walls, save on cost of building materials, and home feels more spacious

8 Work Triangle Is the route from the center of the sink, to the center of the stove to the center of the refrigerator and back to the sink. Smaller work triangles will save steps. For safety reasons there should be no cross traffic. Cross traffic can cause spills and other accidents. Draw this in on your floor plan

9 Other Aspects of Good Work Circulation
Easy access to the basement, garage and storage areas. Clothes care center in a convenient location. Ask yourself these Questions Can the cook prepare a meal without worrying about constantly walking into someone going by? If people can eat in their rooms or living areas, can they get there without leaving a trail through the entire house? If you spend a lot of time grilling outside on the patio, is it convenient to the inside food prep area? Do you have to walk through to the other end of the house to reach the outdoor grill? Can you bring the groceries right in from the outside without having to go through the living room?

10 Service Entrance Service entrances should be located near the kitchen and basement stairs.

11 Guest Circulation Entry, living, dining, powder room or ½ bath not in private area’s of the home, porches, patios, entertainment rooms. Ask Yourself How to guests travel to the living room when you are entertaining? Do they have to go through private areas of your home? How do they get to the powder room? Is the kitchen handy for serving food and drinks to your guests when you are entertaining?

12 Important Room Relationships
Bathroom & Bedroom Kitchen & Dining Mudroom & Garage Garage & Kitchen Kitchen and outdoor living space Living and dining areas Can you think of others?

13 Birds eye-view A view drawn as seen from the perspective of a bird flying and looking down.

14 How to Draw Traffic Patterns
Draw the traffic pattern on the floor plan on your note taking guide

15 Types of drawings in a set of Blueprints
Floor plan

16 Architectural symbols
On your note taking guide, draw and label as many architectural symbols as you can on the floor plan using page 222 in your book.

17 Types of drawings in a set of Blueprints
Foundation plans

18 Types of drawings in a set of Blueprints
Electrical plans

19 Types of drawings in a set of Blueprints
Plot plan

20 Types of drawings in a set of Blueprints

21 Types of drawings in a set of Blueprints
Details GENERAL HOUSE INFORMATION Width:79' 10"Depth:86' 8“ Dwelling Number: Single Bonus Access: None EXTERIOR STYLE TraditionalCountryFrench  NUMBERS OF ROOMS Bedrooms:4Full Baths:4  FINISHED SQUARE FOOTAGE Main Level:3354 Sq. Ft.Total: 3354 Sq. Ft.  UNFINISHED SQUARE FOOTAGE Garage:990 Sq. Ft.Porch:662 Sq. Ft.Bonus Room:615 Sq. Ft.  GARAGE Garage Type:Attached

22 Types of drawings in a set of Blueprints
Pictoral Presentation

23 Scale Drawing to scale means that each square on a graph paper represents a given number of feet, inches, or centimeters. Most residential plans are drawn in ¼” =1ft To create a scale drawing you must measure the room and furnishings.

24 Assignment After completing the book assignment and scenario’s you will create 2 scale drawings on graph paper. Design a house. use one of the scenario's on your note taking guide to help you decide what your house will need. Your first floor plan will use ¼ in scale. Your second floor plan will be identical to the first but drawn to ½ in scale

25 Average sizes: Not standard
Master bedroom by 14 Master bathroom-- 8 by 10 Dining room-- 12 by 14 Kitchen 12 by 14 to 14 by 18 Laundry room- 9 by 7 Bedroom- 10 by 12 to 12 by 14

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