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Understanding House Plans

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1 Understanding House Plans

2 Architectural Drawings
: contain information about the size, shape, and location of all parts of the house – one-half as large as the actual object – smaller or larger than the actual object ¼” = 1’

3 Architectural Drawings cont.
: tell the types of quality of materials to be used and give directions for their use

4 Prints of Architectural drawings
– computer-aided drafting and design – drawing of structure with white lines on blue paper Now is done on white paper with black lines – much cheaper

5 Alphabet of lines Alphabet of lines: commonly used architectural drawings See handout Phantom line – alternate positions, repeated details, and paths of motion Visible lines – outline of buildings and walls Hidden lines – edges of surface that are not visible

6 Alphabet of lines cont. Center lines – center of an arc or circle
Dimension and extensions lines – extent and direction for measurements Dimension – size and location Extension – termination point of dimension Break lines – object continues on, but the complete view is not shown Section lines – feature that has been sectioned, crosshatch lines

7 Alphabet of lines cont. Symbols: represent plumbing, electrical fixtures, doors, windows, and other objects in a house See handout

8 Views of Architectural Drawings
: views taken from the top of the imaginary glass box Site plan, floor plan, foundation plan, and roof plan : simplified drawing that shows size and arrangements of rooms, hallways, doors, windows, and storage areas

9 Views of Architectural Drawings cont.
: shows finished exteriors appearance of a given side of the house : drawings that show outside views of the house

10 Views of Architectural Drawings cont.
: view taken from an imaginary cut through a part of the house Picture : enlargement of some construction features

11 Views of Architectural Drawings cont.
: drawing with color to show a realistic view of completed house

12 Views of Architectural Drawings cont.
: three-dimensional miniature of a design Very realistic views of the house but expensive

13 Space Within – Grouping by function
: most house consists of bedrooms and bathrooms : active period of the day as well as sleeping hours

14 Space Within – Grouping by function
: all parts of the house needed to maintain and service the other areas Kitchen, laundry, utility, garage, workshop, home office, sewing room

15 Work area cont. : imaginary line that connects these three centers
Sink, oven, & refrigerator Do not want it to exceed feet

16 Space Within – Grouping by function cont.
: provides space for daily living entertaining, and recreation Entrance, dining, living, family

17 Space Within – Grouping by function cont.
Separating areas and rooms Halls are great buffer zones – inches : small recessed areas of a room Can be done by walls, storage units, arrangements of furniture, screens

18 Traffic Patterns : path people follow Be convenient and direct
Provide adequate space without wasting it – 40 inches Provide easy access from the entrance to other Separate traffic to the work area from

19 Traffic Patterns cont. Avoid of rooms, kitchen, work area, or any other hazardous areas Avoid interfering with a arrangement or interrupting activities within room Avoid interfering with of the house where privacy is expected Give the kitchen to all areas of the home

20 Traffic Patterns cont. Provide a direct access from the service entrance Provide access from a service entrance to the quiet areas without going through Provide direct access from utility areas to the Space for doors Need space for the Do not block the

21 Survey the Storage Space
: cannot be sold, replaced, or moved like pieces of furniture : storage used by all who live in a house – outerwear, food, tools, etc. Can add storage by purchasing furniture with storage space –

22 Evaluating the Floor Plan
No floor plan is – one that is right for this person is wrong of another

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