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Remedial Activities (1st bimester) VERB TENSE: PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE

2 A) Fill in the blanks The present perfect tense looks in the present at actions completed in the past. He’s cleaned the car. She’s finished her homework. They’ve eaten a Chinese meal. What have they done? __________________ a film (see). What ___________ he done? ________________ the dishes. (wash) has They’ve seen He’s washed

3 has he (it) She’s written He’s (It’s) drunk He’s cleaned
What _________ she done? _______________ a letter. (write) What’s __________ done? ________________ the milk. (drink) has he (it) She’s written He’s (It’s) drunk What’s he done? _________________ the windows. (clean) What have they done? ________________ the window! (break) He’s cleaned They’ve broken

4 B) Supply the present perfect tense form of the verbs in parentheses.
1) I ______________ (speak) to him about it several times. 2) We _____________ (finish) all our homework. 3) He ____________ (visit) us many times. 4) She _____________ (return) my book at last. 5) I am afraid that I’ ______________ (lose) my car keys. 6) We ___________ (be) to Mexico many times. 7) I ___________ (study) this same exercise before. 8) We ______________ (learn) many new words in this course. have spoken ’ve finished ’s visited ’s returned ’ve lost ’ve been ’ve studied ’ve learned

5 9) I ______________ (tell) John what you said.
10) I ____________ (hear) that story before. 11) We ____________ (lend) money to them several times. 12) Mr. Smith ___________ (go) to South America to work. He’ll be back in two weeks. 13) He ___________ (make) that same mistake several times. 14) She ___________ (see) that movie three times. 15) He _____________ (make) and ________ (lose) several fortunes. ’ve told ’ve heard ’ve lent has gone ’s made ’s seen ’s made lost

6 break buy finish do go go
C) Complete the sentences with a verb from the list. Use the present perfect (have / has + the past participle of the verb). break buy finish do go go lose paint read take 1) Are they still having dinner? ‘No, they _______________. 2) I _______________ some new shoes. Do you want to see them? 3) Is Tom here? ‘No he _______________ to work. 4) _________ you _____________the shopping?’ ‘No , I’m going to do it later. 5) Where’s your key?’ ‘I don’t know. I ___________ it’. 6) Look! Somebody __________________ that window. 7) Your house looks different. _________ you ________it? 8) I can’t find my umbrella. Somebody _______________it. 9) I’m looking for Sarah. Where ________ she ___________? 10) Do you want the newspaper?’ ‘No, thanks. I __________it. have finished ’ve bought ’s gone Have done ’ve lost has broken Have painted has taken has gone ’ve read

7 D) Are these contractions is or has?
1) He’s tired ( = is) 6) She’s worried. 2) She’s arrived. 7) He’s left the country. 3) It’s escaped. 8) She’s stopped working. 4) She’s ill ) He’s had a cold. 5) He’s eaten ) It’s died. (= is) (= has) (= has) (= has) (= has) (= is) (= has) (= has) (= has)

8 E) In the following sentences, supply either the past tense or the present perfect tense of the verbs in parentheses. 1) I ___________ (visit) Chicago many times. 2) Mr. Smith __________ (go) to Chicago last week. 3) I _________ (read) that book several times. 4) I first ___________ (read) it while I was on my vacation last summer. 5) I ___________ (be) to Philadelphia many times. 6) Mr. Smith _________ (have) little experience in teaching that subject. 7) John _______ (fall) as he was crossing the street. 8) I _______ (see) Mary a few days ago. 9) When the bell rang, John __________ (jump) from his seat and _________ (run) from the room. 10) I __________ (try) that restaurant again and again but I do not like the food there. ’ve visited went ’ve read read ’ve been ’s had fell saw jumped ran ’ve tried

9 11) When I was a boy, I often __________ (go) fishing with my father.
12) I _______________ (complete) writing my exercise at last. 13) He __________ (start) to study English last winter. 14) The day before yesterday, we _______ (have) a bad storm. 15) I hear that you __________ (give) up the idea of studying Russian. 16) I _____ never _________ (be) at Radio City. 17) It _________ (be) very cold yesterday. 18) We _____________ (learn) many new words in this course. 19) The First World War ____________ (begin) in 1914 and ______________ (end) in 1918. 20) She says that she ____________ (lose) her pocketbook. went ’ve completed started had ’ve given ’ve been was ’ve learned began ended ’s lost

10 F) Fill in: has – have been in / to, has – have gone to.
Gina: Hello Paul. Are you enjoying yourself in Rome? Paul: Oh, yes. Gina: Which places have you been to since you arrived? Paul: Well, I 2. ____________ Rome for two weeks now so I 3. ____________ a lot of places, like the Colosseum, some museums and the Vatican. Gina: Where are your friends today? Paul: Mark and Jim 4. _______________ a travel agent’s to buy tickets for the plane and they haven’t come back yet. Mark says he 5. ___________ Rome too long. He 6. ______________ Capri before but Jim and Sean 7. _______________ (not) any islands, so I think we will go to Sardinia. Sean 8. _______________ the hotel to sleep. Gina: Well, I’m leaving now. My parents 9. _____________ the hospital to see my uncle. He 10. _______________ hospital for a week. See you later! ’ve been in ’ve been to have gone to ’s been in ’s been to haven’t been to has gone to have gone to ’s been in

11 G) Fill in the blanks with time adverbs or expressions from the list below:
so far, how long, just, for, since, since, how long ago, yet, this week, ago, just now, already 1. They got married a month ago 2. He hasn’t called us ____________. 3. I’ve had this car ____________ a year. 4. He has ____________ left. 5. She’s typed three letters ___________. 6. She’s ________ cooked dinner. 7. _____________ have you been in Rome? 8. The boss came ___________. 9. Carol has been to the cinema twice ____________. 10. ______________ did he move house? 11. I’ve studied Maths _________ 1991. 12. Peter has been here __________ 5 o’clock. yet for already so far just How long just now this week How long ago since since


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