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Present Perfect for & since Present Perfect vs. Simple Past.

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1 Present Perfect for & since Present Perfect vs. Simple Past


3 The boy was 1m10 tall one year ago. Now he is 1m11 tall.  He has grown one millimeter in one year.

4 Tom is looking for his key. He can’t find it.  He has lost his key. (=He lost it and he still hasn’t got it)

5 FORM (+) S + have/has + past participle (PP) Ex: Tom has lost his key. (-) S + have/has + not + PP Ex: Tom has not lost his key. (?) Have/Has + S + PP? Ex: Has Tom lost his key?

6 LONG FORMS AND SHORT FORMS Affirmative Negative Long formShort form I, you, we, they I have done I, you, we, them I’ve done He, she, it He has done He, she, it He’s done Long formShort form I, you, we, them I have not done I, you, we, them I haven’t done He, she, it He has not done He, she, it He hasn’t done.

7 USE AND DIAGRAM  An action or situation that started in the past and continues in the present. Ex : He has played football since he was a child.

8  An action when the time is not important, it is expressed as an experience. Ex: We have never traveled by train.

9  A n action was completed in the very recent past, expressed by 'just' and 'recently'. Ex: She has just broken her leg.

10  Action is repeated in an unspecified period between the past and now. Ex: I have seen that movie three times.

11 SIGNAL WORDS just (not) yet already ever never so far up to now recently since for


13 1. Emma _________ this film on TV (not/to see) 2. When ______ she ______ the office ? (to phone) 3. I ___________ a new laptop. (to buy) 4. ______ you ever _______ to New York? (to be) 5. Andy ____________ his sister’s bike. (not/to repair) 6. The students __________ their homework. (not/to forget) 7. What _______ you _______ in the kitchen? (to drop) hasn’t seen has phoned have bought Have been hasn’t repaired haven’t forgot havedropped Present Perfect Exercise 1: Use the Present Perfect and the verbs in brackets to complete these sentences.

14 Look at pictures and complete the sentences using Present Perfect with “just” She ______________asleep. They _______________ out. has just beenhave just gone What have they just done?

15 He ______________ lottery.They _____________ married. has just wonhave just got

16 for is used with a period of time: for six days, for a long time … Ex: I have lived here for ten years. since is used with a point in time and means “from that point to the time of speaking”. Ex: She has been here since six o’clock.

17 EXERCISES forsince Use for or since to complete the sentences below 1.Sarah has lived in London ______ 1985. 2._______ Christmas, the weather has been quite good. 3. The house is very dirty. We haven’t cleaned it _____ ages. 4. They’ve known each other _______ they were at school. 5. I haven’t had a holiday _____ ten years. since Since for since for

18 PRESENT PERFECTSIMPLE PAST - Just, already, not yet Ex: She has just arrived in Tokyo. - Certain time in the past. Ex: She phoned him 2 minutes ago - Whether/How often till now Ex: Have you ever been to Rome? I have been to Rome twice. - Certain event in the past Ex: He went to Rome in 1990. - Emphasis on result Ex: I have bought a new bike. (I actually want to express that I have a new bike now.) - Emphasis on action Ex: I bought a new bike. (just telling what I did in the past.) just, already, up to now, until now, till now, ever, (not) yet, so far, lately, recently… yesterday, ago, in 1990, the other day, last …

19 EXERCISES 1. I __________ (have) these shoes since my 18 th birthday. 2. I ________ (tidy) my desk, but now it’s in a mess again. 3. The last time I ______ (go) to Brighton was in August. 4. I’d like to meet a ghost, but I _________________ (never/see) one. 5. I’ve finished my homework. I ______(do) it before tea. have had tidied went have never seen did Exercise 1: Use the correct tense to complete these sentences.

20 1. I’ve lost my key. I can’t find it anywhere.  RIGHT 2. Have you seen the news on television last night?  WRONG: Did you see the news on television last night? 3. I’ve bought a new car last week.  WRONG: I bought a new car last week. 4. I’m very hungry. I haven’t eaten anything today.  RIGHT 5. When has this book been published?  WRONG: When was this book published? Exercise 2: Are the underlined parts of these sentences right or wrong? Correct the wrong ones.


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